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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Two-Year-Old Bible Study for Homeless at McDonald's No Longer Welcomed

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 Two-Year-Old Bible Study for Homeless at McDonald's No Longer Welcomed

Christian ministry leader Dawn Martinez was told she could no longer hold the twice-a-week Bible studies she has taught for homeless people for the last two years inside a McDonald's in Camden, N.J. A night manager at the fast food restaurant told her last week that a customer had filed a complaint. Martinez wonders if it could have been because of the topic briefly discussed at one point last Monday – the Muslim faith.

The 33-year-old, who began the ministry to transients and drug addicts two years ago, describes the Bible study group's last meeting on Monday.

"It was a very powerful night. We had one woman join our prayer circle at the table and she was weeping and crying, but that was nothing unusual for our meetings," Martinez told The Christian Post. "I gave the Bible study. We talked about Isaac and Ishmael. I began to give the history on the descendants of Ishmael and the differences between the Christian and the Muslim faiths because the Muslim faith believes the descendants of Ishmael are the chosen people.

"It was real brief and nothing unusual happened. We had the Bible study. We prayed and we left."

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 Re: Two-Year-Old Bible Study for Homeless at McDonald's No Longer Welcomed

Thus is sad. God was moving among the homeless and Satan has counter attacked. The persecution is here. God grant this sister to continue her ministry.


 2012/7/16 14:38

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I agree that the persecution is here, and we will see more and more of these stories. I know you met with opposition on your thread regarding the Phoenix man being is true that he violated codes and Christians should uphold the law.....but I still believe there is a greater issue which this story shows us. I am doubtful that this would have occurred if Muslims had been holding a 2-year Bible study at a McDonald's, because, after all, "we are a tolerant nation"...

I think an offshoot of this same issue is the "tolerance" for sin among so-called Christians in the name of "grace", and the confusion which calls a pursuit of holiness by the name of "legalism".....

But our God is not a God of confusion, but of power and of love and of a sound mind....satan seems to thrive on getting folks confused.

Thanks for posting this....time to be on our knees....

 2012/7/16 14:50Profile


God bless this young woman for her ministry to the homeless. May she be able to find another venue to continue her Bible studies. Often it is the poor who are despised by the world who respond to the things of Christ. The poor become the most zealous in their love for Jesus.

May God bless them richly.


 2012/7/16 20:12

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hi, many years ago, a group of us would go to denny's after church and because we were young did not have much money, so we drank coffee by the urn full andtook up 3 or 4 tables while we had a bible study on the topic of the service we had nite the waitress said,"what church do you all come from?" we said bethany proudly and the waitress said i will never go there because you all are soooo inconsiderate of me. you take up my statiion all night and when you leave it is filthy dirty and you leave a tiny tip.sometimes we must realize we are our worse advocates. did these people clean up after themselves? were they ever loud and a detriment to business.i was in the homeless ministry for over 30 years in and off and know that they rack out restrooms and the odor they leave is offensive. many people left our church in new orleans because of our homeless ministry.jimp

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Another door will open up, it always does.

 2012/7/16 22:13

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 Re: Two-Year-Old Bible Study for Homeless at McDonald's No Longer Welcomed

The issue is hospitality. The Lord told us to invite the poor, homeless and those who could not repay for you into your home. Practice hospitality without grumbling.

Peace on you.

 2012/7/16 22:48Profile

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