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 Life greater than Light

Life greater than light

“(For the life was manifested, and we have seen it, and bear witness, and shew unto you that eternal life, which was with the Father, and was manifested unto us;)” (1john1v2)

It is true that all things lives and have there being in God yet that Life is an external infilling. That Life is called the Natural life because it is a created Life. The spirit and the Life are one either in the natural life of man or the eternal life of God. No one can have a union with eternal Life of God except such partake the spirit of God. The spirit of God in man connects man with the Life eternal of God. The created Life is begotten from the spoken word, not in the word, because the spoken Word has a beginning. God kind of Life is in the Word not from the word. The Word itself has uncreated eternal Life, yet when spoken forth it can bring forth created life, like our natural life. Natural Life is a life from the Word .The Word in us will give us life eternal because the Word in itself has life eternal. Here we can see how all being live and move by God but such a notion does not mean all the moving of all being are all in line with the eternal will of God. Natural Being moved by the natural created Life from God yet its another thing to move by the eternal Life of God. This is what the scriptures called “walking in the spirit”; it is a walk in the eternal Life. That which moved and have its being in the eternal will of God must first have the eternal Life of God. In relation to the natural life all being are “in God “; yet in relation to the Gods kind of Life not all being are “in God or Christ”. To the individual believer, all things may still not be “in God or Christ”. That which is in God in the Gods kind of Life is that which is energies , empowered and moved by the Life eternal of God, in Christ Jesus.

Life and Light

Light eternal is that which comes out from the Life, and reveal the Life that we might gain Life. This divine Light of God is spiritual knowledge or revelation given to us. This Light divine may come INTO us or OUT from us. The Light divine that come into us is the spiritual knowledge or revelation we received from God as a called for Life or more of abundant Life. This light can be explain and talk about especially with the teaching gifts of the spirit, even before we received the Life divine, we are talking about. This is where most confusing of the holy things of the spirit comes about. We endorse men out of our own mind, because of some ability to understand scriptures, doctrines, or when use by God to do some things. The Lord spoke about the gifts that must be sanctify by the temple but like the Pharisees without knowing the Life , we think it is the gift that sanctify the temple. “Ye fools and blind: for whether is greater, the gold, or the temple that sanctifieth the gold?” (matthew 23v17). The gift of teaching, having the right doctrines is all that matter not the Character or the nature of the temple. We can tolerate Character but not the least doctrinal differences.

Of a recent was sucked to learn that a so called “revivalist” of old was a slave master in his life time. Now I cannot rush into conclusion to say if that story was true or not, but what amazed me is that there seems some Christians who even believe such a story and remain neutral about it, because the man was used to do some things for God. How can a slave trader, who is control by selfishness, laziness and possess by demons of racism be in that kingdom of righteousness where Love and purity dominate? How do we see the kingdom of God? Even the least with the eternal life of Christ in the kingdom of God will not tolerate such devilish activities? We believe there are many professing Christians claiming to be born again who are still in the law where death dominates, and such are still used by God in various ways for his purposes. The scriptures says death reign from Adam to Moses (the Law). They may have light of revelations, doctrinal rightness, teachings but no Life eternal. Recently heard another new practice “Christians can support there nations for war against other nations “. Such are not Born Again. No Christian with the Life of God in Christ will support such. We put the Light above the Life that is why we keep fighting over doctrinal rightness resulting to carnal divisions, and worst calling such division “the cross”. For example here is Mr. A and Mr. B; Mr. A. believe heaven is in the east and Mr.B believe heaven is in the west. They meet and each share his view . Mr. A is so vex that Mr.b did not agree with his views and as usually end up calling Mr.B a heretic and quoting him some scriptures related to heretic and false prophets , and closed his heart against Mr.B. about nothing but some doubtful opinion that have nothing to do with victorious living through the present Christ.

We have spoken about the Light that comes INTO us, as a form of spiritual knowledge or revelation yet there is another spiritual Light that come OUT FROM US. This Light or knowledge is begotten out from the measure of divine Life in us. This light or divine knowledge cannot be talk about neither can any teach it, because it is an experimental knowledge or light. It is like trying to explain how Pain looks like. If someone hit you and ask you to explain him how that pain look like, the best and only way is to hit him back and he will have the knowledge without your explanation about it. This is the knowledge peter wrote about “for if they have escaped the pollution in the world through the knowledge of the Lord and savior Jesus Christ (2peter2v20). Peter is not talking about the knowledge of knowing what is bad and avoiding it , he is talking about the experimental knowledge of experiencing life eternal . That divine energy in that Life eternal that brings forth power to reign over the works of death and darkness. The Same knowledge our Lord spoke about, when he said “And this is Life eternal that they may KNOW you the only true God and Jesus Christ who you have sent “ .And apostle John wrote the same “And we know that the Son of God is come, and hath given us an understanding, that we may know him that is true, and we are in him that is true, even in his Son Jesus Christ. This is the true God, and eternal life.”

.This is the revelation that cannot be explained; the unspeakable joy, the love beyond knowledge as saith the scriptures.

Keeping and Increasing Life eternal

“The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.”(John 10v10)

Life eternal is the measure of Christ in us. We can lose it after receiving it, if we try to keep our own way or natural life desires. Christ in us is of a better advantage to us that the Christ without us. This Christ or Life eternal is like water and we are the vessels to be filled. Our vessels are naturally fill by our carnal ways ,and these are what are to be pour out before we have a right to be fill with Life eternal or Christ. We may be filled quarter way , half way or fully filled depending how much we surrender. The Life is the same Christ with the same quality in all of us , but the power increases with an increase with the quantity of the water of Life eternal . We can have more of this eternal Life abundantly. As a half filled pot under fire can boiled until the whole bottle become filled with water , so does quality and persistence prayer act as a fire to boil our quarter filled or half filled vessels , so that the Level of the water of life eternal in us may increase and fill all our being with Christ. This divine water of life eternal will give us power to daily surrender unto Christ in all things without worries or fear of anything no matter what we are facing. Lord, fill us daily with this Christ. Amen.


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