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 Humility & pure love - powerful keys, seldom used

I have often found myself in situations where I have fallen short of grace, humility and pure godly love. Human level of love and humility is far below godly standard of the same. We need to take this seriously if we are to grow in Him and in grace upon grace.

God showed me a way to ensure this. The moment God points out something about our character, attitude, speech, actions etc, respond instantaneously. Do not wait, do not argue with your self conscience, do not justify yourself, but just OBEY. This is a key to higher spiritual life.
This would become really difficult as there could be reasons (even genuine ones) on your side. But god is asking YOU to act and not the other person. So don’t wait for the other party to first set things right and then move. That might never happen. God may NEVER speak to you on that issue again if you do not obey what He told you to do first.

And with each such act of obedience, you grow manifold spiritually. Secondly, god reveals more and gives you more grace to be obedient.

Some of the hurdles in listening to the mild voice of god could be even your best traits! Your faithfulness, righteousness, holiness, love, sacrificial life etc. How? If you justify yourself with them and judge the other. When you see reason on your side.

Your holy life, your ministry, your giving nature, what not….Everything else comes far below the following two.
Godly love and humility.

Oh God, give us more and more grace to live a truly holy life which is a life of HUMILITY & PURE LOVE the two areas where we have to pay a price.

Praise and glory to god.


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