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 Salvation ???

Hebrews 5:9
And once made perfect, he became the source of eternal salvation for all who" obey him " 

So, is Salvation clearly attained by the fruit of obedience. ??
Does obedience prepares us for union with him In eternal glory.

John 8:31
"IF " you HOLD to my teaching, you are really my disciples.

Can we place confidence in past faith or pass experience, I use to   Be, preacher, Evangelist, worship leader, on fire for God.
Is it really Only " If " we hold to his teaching??
That we have confidence in our Salvation.

Can moi, be a branch thrown away and withered ???

Am I standing firm, gaining life, engaged in my devotion to Christ. Luke 21:19

Am I believing and obeying him, or is my faith dead,  by my rebellious actions In what I do?

If I ever stop being open to the Holy Spirit leading will I loose my Salvation, or is my faith made complete by just what I believe.

Does God, really Not show favoritism, come-on !!!  me, moi.
Is Living righteously required by all. 

 2012/7/10 9:55

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Nottingham, England

 Re: Salvation ???

What is the main point you are trying to make?


 2012/7/10 11:08Profile

Joined: 2011/9/30
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 Re: Salvation ???

Amazing that we even debate the biblical points of the OP, today.

Do we abide in a belief system or a Person?


 2012/7/10 11:15Profile


I'm with enid on the OP - but doubly so -- I don't know what either of you mean now, Brother Pilgrim.

There are days like this - you know. :)

Could the OP be clarified?
Not that we plan to contribute - just interested what our Family Members are saying to us all.

Thank you.

 2012/7/10 12:05

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 Re: Salvation ???

To me, he is employing some sarcasm and irony.

John 8:31 tipped me off to that.


 2012/7/10 12:15Profile


I really don't know brother?? I just know I've fallen, and I know God will
Restore me. He swepts away my offenses like a cloud Isaiah 44:22
I can approach the throne room of grace with confidence, and receive mercy, and find help in my time of need. Heb4:16
I've must have been full of pride because I've been humbled by Oppression, calamity and sorrow for this last year Psamls 107:39

 2012/7/10 12:43

 Re: Salvation ???

The greatest act of obedience is made when we first believed. "God commands all men everywhere unto obedience." (First preaching of the gospel ((Acts))

No sarcasm needed. Believe and be saved. Some men actually shake their fist at God and thereby prove themselves disobedient.

 2012/7/10 12:44

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