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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow :  I am asking please pray (thank you please read my last post to this thread 7/11/12)

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  I am asking please pray (thank you please read my last post to this thread 7/11/12)

I have come to see how very weak I am, how I am tossed about with fear and worry. I can't overcome these things on my own. I need prayer today please, I need prayer. God knows whats going on today but I need to let go, I have to just walk this out, no back up plans, no trying to figure out what comes next, I need to just walk out today with HIM in faith. I need to do that and right not my mind is so under attack so please if God should place it on your heart to pray for me it would mean a lot.

God Bless

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 Re: I am asking please pray

Done deal sister!

Our Father is wonderful, He dances over us with singing. Praise the name of Jesus!

I'm praying that the Lord would give you joy because the joy of the Lord is our strength!

Much love!

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 Re: I am asking please pray

God bless you, Mary Jane...may his grace and peace be with you. Sandra

Sandra Miller

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I am praying for you...

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 Re: I am asking please pray

mj sometimes when I face difficulties I overlook the most simple and obvious truths. We will spend all eternity in awe of our Great God. As large as He is He loves and is concerned for His children. He hears the specific cries of their hearts. I don't know what besets you now but I do know that He who knows the end from the beginning does. I am continually guilty of underestimating His love and I know His love for you as well as the rest of the saints is beyond description. Even the cross eludes our full understanding. I pray as He strengthens you.

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Praying sister. With love in Christ.


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MaryJane said, "I have come to see how very weak I am"

When we are weak then He is strong. His strength is in our weakness. Praise Jesus for showing you your weakness. Trust in Him alone and sit back and watch His power work.

I am currently reading

Title: Waiting On God!
Creator(s): Murray, Andrew
Print Basis: New York: Fleming H. Revell, 1894

It is a free download as text from

It is a 30 day study and I am on day 2 but find it gripping. Hope you find it helpful, too.

You are often in my thoughts.



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 Re: I am asking please pray

Nothing like the prayer closet, MaryJane. I think He drives us there with 'life'.
Your post touched my heart and words can't express those times when you feel that pain or drawing for someone.
He could shield us from All, but He works all things for that Divine Purpose to form the Image of The Son into us.
I know that I can't see His Purpose when the walls are closing in on me - yet He always proves the "good" of why He allows "all things" - in His Timing.

Love and Appreciate you dear Friend.
My prayers added with the rest,
With Hugs!

 2012/7/10 11:52

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 Re: I am asking please pray

Sister, my wife and I are praying for you. Be encouraged: If God is for you, who can be against you? (Romans 8:31)


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 Re: I am asking please pray

Yes Mary Jane,

Bless you,


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