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 They don't even have a god

Dear brothers and sisters,

As a part of my education on Islam while traveling and preaching Jesus Christ in the midst of the Muslim world beginning in 2005, I learned that at that time there had been approximately 1400 mosques built in America over the previous 15 years or so. At the rate of about 100 per year, that would be well over 2,000 mosques on American soil by now. This fact is and should be a great threat to any free society in the world. However, we are not of this world, neither should we fear as the world fears. It is this kind of understanding that we must come to as we prepare for real Christian persecution in the not-too-distant future.

As followers of Jesus Christ, and as those seated in heavenly places with Him, it should not be the same threat to us as it is to the world. Yes. There are physical fears that we should be cautious about, but let us remember that Muslims do not even have a god! There is only one God, and He is ours, and we are His. Their god is the figment of their imagination, only. They are purely physical, and we are spiritual. Is the spiritual realm through Jesus Christ not infinitely greater than the physical realm of any man or movement of men on earth?

The unfortunate commentary is not that there are more than 2,000 new mosques on American soil, but that of the more than 300,000 Christian churches here, there are so few if any that honestly seek to grow up into the full measure of Christ in such a way that the Muslims and all others will know that our God IS God alone.

Let us seek Him to the full, and not just in part - for our God IS God - and that is when the greatest harvest will come!

 2012/7/9 10:40

 Re: They don't even have a god

Brother, I strongly feel that the inditement against us is that few [and not just the Muslims] see that we love them and that we're concerned for their needs as well.

We forgot for the most part, that we're to love our enemies.
It was easy to quote that verse before we actually saw that we do have enemies - but now that we see these things, I find that few out there are expressing anything but hatred for those that have become our enemies.
Our hearts are being tested now, before any enemies are actually at our door. We need to learn tangible love for them all before then - regardless who becomes the persecuters, future tense. May very well be our own family at some point.

 2012/7/9 18:04

 Re: loving our enemies

Thank you for your constructive comments, Ann. I would expound a bit more on your insight about the situation of Islamic expansion among Christians, particularly in our American society.

Our Lord's commandment that we should "love our enemies," within the context of Him teaching us the way to "be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father in heaven is perfect," is very clear - as you pointed out so appropriately. (Matt. 5:44-48) Of course, God loved us "while we were His enemies." (Rom. 5:10)... And who can say enough about our call to love, forgive, and honestly intercede for all mankind? But I would like to point out that many believers are loving Muslims as we are commanded to do. I have witnessed this first-hand in a handful of Muslim countries, including through my own life extended to them (by God's grace). At the same time, you are so right in saying that as a general rule across the board, many carnal-minded believers have joined the chorus of some non-believers to hate them. For this, we should be ashamed, and grieve over our condition; but let us make sure to make a distinction about what it is to actually "love" them.

To truly love them is not to embrace their belief in any way, shape, or form. It is not to tolerate their ideology to such a degree that our sympathy overrides our willingness to challenge their lack of knowledge with absolute truth. If we assume that to love them is to sympathize with their ideology in any way (as if we have any common ground other than a need for God's grace) then we can also assume that to love any other "sinner" would be to sympathize with them also in their ideology - and of course we know that sympathy to a sinner and his sinfulness can lead to an anemic presentation of the gospel - which is "another gospel" - destroying its power to actually save. I point this out because there are many Christians who claim to love Muslims (and other sinners) by embracing who they are, fearful of leading them straight to the cross - without compromise or apology. Probably, Ann, you already know this.

In summary: We must love them by presenting the sure, strong message of the cross and all that follows - in a spirit of love and humility, mind you. Some believers, however, see this as building a wall between us. Notwithstanding, it is the cross that has actually "broken down the middle wall or partition" separating us. (Eph. 2:14) Without that, we are not really loving them at all, but only feeling good about a kind of unity that is not true unity at all.

Thanks again for participating with me in this conversation, Ann. I would be blessed to hear more from you anytime.

Let us remember, that to truly love anyone perfectly, we must pursue the fullness of Jesus Christ according to His design - so that we can love with much more than a loaf of bread for the hungry, and a hug for the unloved. When we allow His fullness to be manifested through us, we are able to heal their bodies, speak with an anointing that breaks their yokes, and do countless other wonderful works that only THE God can do by His Spirit - including raising their dead!

 2012/7/9 19:30

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