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 Re: Do you sin?

Hi! 'Jimur'

Yes, your question would be a rather simple one to answer ... that is of course, if everyone is on the same page while defining/understanding what 'sin' might exactly be. Is it an act? A power? A violation? A depravity affixed to man's intrinsic nature? Is it a synonym for 'the flesh'? An alternative name of Satan?

There is a multitude of varying ideas about 'sin' which I have noted being discussed in here.

Whatever the case, I have never met a single person nor have I read of anyone participating in this Forum who has claimed to be somehow beyond sin.
Have you?

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 Do you sin?

This seems a simple question. I'm no longer sure the answer is quite so simple. Reading posts within many website forums as well as in discussion with Christian associates I'm becoming a little confused in this area. At times it seems many Christians honestly believe they do not sin. Would some of you folks help me to better understand such perspectives from your personal thoughts and interpretations? ie Do YOU sin?

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