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Discussion Forum : Revivals And Church History : the korean pentecost and the sufferings which followed by william blair and bruce hunt

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 the korean pentecost and the sufferings which followed by william blair and bruce hunt

hey guys, so i recently read a book about the korean revival of 1907 which has been a huge blessing and eyeopener for me and i wanted to share it with you all. it is a book which is currently out of print as it was published in the 70's with the banner of truth trust by william blair who was one of the eye witnesses of the korean revival. it took me about 2 months and countless hours of work but i was successfully able to scan and convert everything to a small enough PDF file. the reason i spent so much time and effort is because i feel that it is a book that needs to be read today, especially by those of us in the western church. this is just one of many books that i have found on my journey into the past to dig up truth to help shed light on where the western church stands today and how far we have drifted from the purity of Word and of true gospel faith. i feel that we as contemporary christians are vulnerable to many errors, heresies, and false teachers and movements because of our ignorance of our past, namely church history. for example, we hear so much about revival this and revival that and people use the term quite loosely as it is a word that can stir up emotion, and doing this while remaining ignorant or misinformed about what true revival is as tested and proved by time. revival is not about empty manifestations and signs and wonders as some claim today, or about people gathering together to jump up and down and get hyped up for a cause but still going home unchanged. revival is an unplanned, sovereign, mighty work of God that causes peoples hearts to be radically transformed into His likeness in meekness, humility, brokenness, and righteousness, stirring up hearts in the fear of the Lord, complete surrender to His will, and to be small in their own eyes. it is my hope and prayer that God would open up the eyes of your hearts as you read this book and place a burden in you hearts for true revival, starting with ourselves. it is also my hope that God would place a deeper appreciation and hunger in all of us to look to the past rather than the present which is full of so much error and presumption so that we can be more firmly grounded as christians rather than be tossed to and fro by every wind of teaching. may God bless you on your journey!



Thus says the Lord: Stand by the roads and look; and ask for the eternal paths, where the good, old way is; then walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls. But they said, We will not walk in it! Jeremiah 6:16


Due to copyright restriction here is a link to purchase the book and to the banner of truth trust website, if enough people request a reprint it might happen:

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 Re: the korean pentecost and the sufferings which followed by william blair and bruce

Saints this brother as brought a timely treasure to us. N. Korea has a thriving underground church but these brothers and sisters follow Jesus at a great price. Let us keep them in our prayers.

Also as we ask God for revival across our land let us realize that it will come at a price. The price will be persecution. But then persecution may bring the reval. For both go hand and hand.


 2012/7/4 8:43

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amen, i think it was brother washer that said "Persecution has never hurt the church, only prosperity" which is so sad but true; a testament to our nature on this side of eternity and how we indeed are meant to suffer as but temporary residents on this earth as part of the refining process. but i can only hope and trust in the Lord that when persecution finally comes, i and others would have the strength not only stand firm in doctrine but to remain steadfast in love and humility just like our brothers and sisters that have gone before i need His grace every day...


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 Re: the korean pentecost and the sufferings which followed by william blair and bruce

believe it or not, i actually have a copy of that joyous book.

its wonderful. i encourage any saint to seek out a Korean prayer meeting, especially you my SoCal brother.

there is i DO believe a website called nkmissions dot com, its been 7 years since i lived in SoCal...wonderful group of saints, and they have a prayer group, at the Yong Nak church....i THINK.....and when Koreans pray, oh my! there are real tears shed, its no joke, no playing games with God.

much love, neil

 2012/8/21 8:39

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just thought i'd bump for others who haven't had the chance to read this book =)


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i had the blessed occasion to puchase the paperback in 2007 and what a blessing it has been. in Jesus, i would love to remember WITH you, the history in this move of Go. but i would need to re-read this book....which would be just joy!!

the Korean Church is......specail, thats the onoly word i can appropraite this second.

 2012/12/15 21:31

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 Re: the korean pentecost and the sufferings which followed by william blair and bruce

"revival is an unplanned, sovereign, mighty work of God that causes peoples hearts to be radically transformed into His likeness in meekness, humility, brokenness, and righteousness, stirring up hearts in the fear of the Lord, complete surrender to His will, and to be small in their own eyes. it is my hope and prayer that God would open up the eyes of your hearts as you read this book and place a burden in you hearts for true revival, starting with ourselves."


Thank you so much for sharing this book with us. I am looking forward to reading it.



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A quote from chapters 9, 10

" The fall of 1906 was largely given up to country itineration.
No special meetings could be held except during a
few evenings in the Central Church at Pyeogyang at the
time of Dr Howard Agnew Johnson's visit immediately
after the Annual Meeting in September. Dr Johnson told
the Korean Christians about the blessings received in India
and left a hunger in many hearts for similar manifestations
of God's grace among us.
Christmas came and our scattered force assembled in
Pyengyang to share the season's joys together. Usually we
spend the week between Christmas and New Year's day
getting acquainted with our families again. and ~estin~ in
preparation for the busy days of the approaching Btble
Class season. Frequently. the whole community will meet
for a social evening, having the best time imaginable. That
winter we bad no heart for social gatherings. Prayermeetings
were held each evening. When the Presbyterian
Class began on the 2nd of January, the evening prayermeetings
had to be discontinued; but so strong was our
desire to pray that we decided to bold noon prayermeetings
daily during the class for those who could attend.
As Mr Lee says in his brief account of 'How the Spirit
Came to Pyengyang, 'these noon prayer-meetings were a
very Bethel to us.'
The evening meetings connected with the class began
on the 6th of January in the Central Church with more than
fifteen-hundred men present. MissionariesanclK.orea~stors
led these meetings all seeking to show the need of the
Spirit's presence and the necessity of love and righteousness.
The meetings were intensely mterestmg as meeungs
fntimes of crises always are. Nothing unusual happened.
We were not looking for anything unusual. Only a hushed,
solemn sea of upturned faces and eagerness to lead in
prayer showed how the Spirit was working: . .
On Saturday night I preached on Ftrst Connthtans
12: 27: 'Now ye are the body of Christ, and severaJJy
members thereof.' endeavouring to show that discord in
the Church was like sickness in the body- 'and if one member
suffers. all the members suffer with it' - striving to show
how hate in a brother's heart injured not only the whole
Church but brought pain to Christ, the Church's Head.
Shortly after going to Korea, I had an accident while hunt·
ing and shot off the end of one of my fingers. All the Ko·
reans knew of this. Holding out my hand, I told the congregation
how my head ached and my whole body suffered
with the injured finger. The idea seemed to go home to
them. After the sermon many testified to a new realization
of what sin was. A number with sorrow confessed lack of
love for others, especially for the Japanese.
We went home that night confident that our prayers
were being answered. On the following Sunday night we
had a strange experience. There was no life in the meeting.
The church was crowded as usual. but something seemed
to block everything. After the sermon a few formal prayers
were offered and we went home weary as from a physical
contest, conscious that the devil had been present, apparently victorious.

to God in earnest: We were bound in earnest spirit and refused
to let God go till He blessed us. That night it was very
different. Each felt as he entered the church that the room
was full of God's presence. Not only missionaries but Koreans
testify to the same thing. I was present once in Wisconsin
when the Spirit of God fell upon a company of
lumbermen and every unbeliever in the room rose to ask
for prayers. That night in Pyengyang, the same feeling
came to me as I entered the room, a sense of God's nearness,
impossible of description.
After a short sermon, Mr Lee took charge of the meeting
and called for prayers. So many began praying that Mr
Lee said, 'If you want to pray like that, all pray,' and the
whole audience began to pray out loud, all together. The
effect was indescribable - not confusion, but a vast harmony
of sound and spirit, a mingling together of souls
moved by an irresistible impulse of prayer. The prayer
sounded to me like the falling of many waters, an ocean
of prayer beating against God's throne. It was not many,
but one, born of one Spirit, lifted to one Father above. Just
as on the day of Pentecost, they were all together in one
place, of one accord praying, 'and suddenly there came
from heaven the sound as of the rushing of a mighty wind,
and it filled all the house where they were sitting! God is
not always in the whirlwind, neither does He always speak
in a still small voice. He came to us in Pyengyang that night
with the sound of weeping. As the prayer continued, a
Spirit of heaviness-and sorrow for sin came down upon the
audience. Over on one side, someone began to weep, and
in a moment the whole audience was weeping.
Mr Lee's account, written at the time of the revival,
gives the history of that night better than any words. however
carefully penned three years later, can do. •Man after
man would rise, confess his sins, break down and weep,
and then throw himself to the floor and beat the floor with
his fists in perfect agony of conviction. My own cook tried
to make a confession. broke down in the midst of it, and
cried to me across the room: " Pastor, tell me, is there any hope for me. can l be forgiven• and then he threw himself
to the floor and wept and wept, and almost screamed in
agony. Sometimes after a confession, the whole audience
would break out in audible prayer, and the effect of that
audience of hundreds of men praying together in audible
prayer was something indescribable. Again, after another
confession, they would break out in uncontrollable weeping,
and we would aU weep, we could not help it. And so
the meeting went on until two o'clock a.m .• with confession
and weeping and praying.'
Only a few of the missionaries were present on that
Monday night. On Tuesday morning, Mr Lee and I went
from bouse to bouse telling the good news to aU who were
absent, (and to our Methodist friends in the city). That
noon the whole foreign community assembled to render
thanks to God.
I wish to describe the Tuesday night meeting in my own
language because a part of what happened concerned me
personally. We were aware that bad feeling existed between
several of our church officers, especially between a Mr
Kang and Mr Kim. Mr Kang confessed his hatred for Mr

Kim on Monday night, but Mr Kim was silent. At our noon
prayer-meeting on Tuesday, several of us agreed to pray
for Mr Kim. I was especially interested because Mr Kang
was my assistant in the North Pyengyaog Church and Mr
Kim an elder in the Central Church, and one of the officers
in the Pyengyang Men's Association. of which I was chairman.
As the meeting progressed, I could see Mr Kim sitting
with the elders behind the pulpit with his head down. Bowing
where I sat, I asked God to help him, and looking up
saw him coming forward.
Holding to the pulpit, he made his confession. •I have
been guilty of fighting against God. An elder in the church,
I have been guilty of hating not only .Kang You-moon, but
Pang Mok-sa.' Pang Mok-sa is my Korean name. I never
had a greater surprise in my life. To think that this man,
my associate in the Men's Association, had been hating me
without my knowing it! It seems that I had said something
to him one day in the burry of managing a school field-day
exercise which gave offence, and be had not been able to
forgive me. Turning to me. he said, 'Can you forgive me_..
can you forgive me?' I stood up and began to pray,
'Apa-ge, Apa-ge' (•Father, Father,') and got no further. It
seemed as if the roof was lifted from the building and the
Spirit of God came down from heaven in a mighty avalanche
of power upon us. I fell at Kim's side and wept and
prayed as I had never prayed before. My last glimpse of the
audience is photographed indelibly on my brain. Some
threw themselves full length upon the floor, hundreds stood
with arms outstretched toward heaven. Every man forgot
every other. Each was face to face with God. I can bear
yet that fearful sound of hundreds of men pleading with
God for life. for mercy. The cry went out over the city till
the heathen were in consternation.
As soon as we were able, we missionaries gathered at the
platform and consulted. 'What shall we do? If we let them
go on like this some will go crazy." Yet we dared not interfere.
We had prayed to God for an outpOuring of His
Spirit upon the people and it had come. Separating. we
went down and tried to comfort the most distressed, pulling
the agonized man to the floor and saying, 'Never mind.
brother, if you have sinned God will forgive you. Wait,
and an opportunity will be given to speak.'
r Finally. Mr Lee started a hymn and quiet was restored
during the singing. Then began a meeting the like of which
I had never seen before, nor wish to see again unless in
God's sight it is absolutely necessary. Every sin a human
being can commit was publicly confessed that night. Pale
and trembling with emotion. in agony of mind and body,
guilty souls, standing in the white light of that judgment,
saw themselves as God saw them. Their sins rose up in all
their vileness. till shame and grief and self-loathing took
complete possession; pride was driven out, the face of men
forgotten. Looking up to heaven. to Jesus whom they had
betrayed, they smote themselves and cried out with bitter
wailing: 'Lord. Lord. cast us not away forever!' Everything
else was forgotten, nothing else mattered. The scorn
of men. the penalty of the law. even death itself seemed of
small consequence if only God forgave. We may have our
theories of the desirability or undesirability of public confession
of sin. 1 have had mine: but I know now that when
the Spirit of God falls upon guilty souls, there will be confession,
and no power on earth can stop it."


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 Re: the korean pentecost and the sufferings which followed by william blair and bruce

I purchased and read this book from Amazon, love it. I heard someone made a PDF, is that able to be made available? I can show proof of purchase a few months back from Amazon. Easier than retyping entire sections I need for research I'm doing on the subject. Just wondering.


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Just pinging this thread again. I can prove I have the book, someone willing to share the digital copy?


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