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Krispy Quote:
As zealous as Paul was when his name was "Saul", I was as zealous for the Charismatic movement (but I didn't persecute Christians! LOL). But in retrospect I now realize that a) I was deceived, b) I did a certain amount of faking, tho at the time I didn't realize it, c) I had a really poor understanding of the Bible and d) I was spiritually proud, meaning that in my mind I truly believed that I had reached a spiritual level that most Christians hadnt yet.
You and I are alike in this scenerio, been there done that.

I left the Pentecostal church that I was in and God began to show me something about myself and about what I was believing and alot of repentance followed, and I am glad He brought me out.

Thanks for sharing.


 2005/3/23 22:49

Joined: 2005/2/20
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Midwest, USA


Brother Neil,

This one is simple. No political correctness here.

Leave. Get out. Stay away. Don't go back.

You did the right thing. I know you did not judge, you discerned.

My prayers are so with you Neil. Just this last week, I have separated from all friends who follow this "movement." Long story...don't be discouraged.

Test and discern the spirits...


Mark Daniel

 2005/3/24 8:56Profile

 Go for it, dear brother

"Long story"...MD, whenever you wants to share I'm all ears.

I got a lot more testimony on happened with the leader who brought the "bartender" in. Parying for you as I type these words.

Much love in Jesus, Neil

 2005/3/24 19:12

Joined: 2004/2/5
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West Monroe, Louisiana

 Re: Go for it, dear brother

Well, I've read through all this rather quickly.
But just reading it turns my stomach.
Makes me angry also.

In a nutshell, sounds demonic. Very demonic.

IF I were you, I'd pray a covering over you and your family.
I'm not saying that Satan's power is stronger than God's, because it isn't. But, being in a meeting like that, I don't know...Spirits are about, and a good sound prayer could do no harm.

I hate the Devil and his foolishness.

God uses my wife and I often in praying for people who are either possessed or oppressed.

I know what these powers can do, and I also know how deceptive and foolish they can be.

God help us.


 2005/3/24 19:57Profile

 Brother Sentry

please allow me to testify.

You hit the nail on the head, and it goes back to another thread I started, which was on my efforts as led by the Spirit, to get a prayer booth going in the annual memorial day festival here in my community.


For the last week, I've felt something wrong in the Spirit...something wrong. I cant put my finger on it, but I FEEL attacked.

Once I rattled the cage of this gatekeeper "Luna", things have gone akimbo.

I plead the Blood of Jesus over me, and I stay grounded in the Word, and bless God, tonight is our intercessory prayer meeting in this canyon, but something is

Can I tell you a fact about my community, Topanga canyon.....before he moved to the Spahn ranch, Topanga was the home of Charles Manson and family for quite a while.

Something is wrong here.

Pastor Jack Hayford said to me, and quite a few other people, that Topanga Canyon is one of the darkest places he has ever experienced in his life. One of his proteges got run out of here, by "christians".

and now here I am. I feel very alone, in a human sense. I'm not saying that to get on a pity trip, but my main partner...prayer partner, friend and fellow sold out Spirit filled Jesus freek, got called by the Lord to Indonesia......

Sentry, precious know what to pray for, in my regard...if you could be so kind.

You know what to pray for.

Much love to you.


 2005/3/24 21:00

Joined: 2004/2/5
Posts: 119
West Monroe, Louisiana

 Re: Brother Sentry

Brother Neil,

I WILL Pray for you and your family.
I am ever learning just how powerful prayer is, and yet how seldom we do it.

I'm afraid that when we finally go to be with Him, we will be ashamed of our prayer lives. At least I will.

However, I promise you in Louisiana, a prayer will go up tonight for you brother.


 2005/3/24 22:19Profile

Joined: 2005/3/23
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Long Island

 Re: Worshipping with drunks

I know what you mean.


 2005/3/25 0:20Profile

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