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Discussion Forum : Devotional Thoughts : Why not Suicide?

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I know you deleted your post, but I have kept it open in a word document working on it while working, sleeping and cooking!! I hope you do not mind me replying to it now.

I agree thoroughly that suicide is a lack of faith in God but instead of hyper-focusing on a person’s lack of faith and condemning them to hell for it; wouldn’t it far better to ask what war is (or was) going on in that person’s life that so over took their mind? Because honestly I do not believe that someone who takes their own life CAN BE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND. (I’m not yelling, just providing an exclamation for that point!)

I have counseled with those contemplating suicide. Number one, I was honest with them that had I gone through with my own plans, I did not know where I would have gone eternally. I didn’t tell them this but to be quite honest, rdg, I was hurting so bad I didn’t care where I would go, so I can say that sadly, THAT is not what kept me from taking my life.

There were a few reasons but the main one was a vision that Christ gave me one night of where I was in the scheme of this world and how in my mind’s eye, I couldn’t see around the corner but He was in a jumbo jet and could see to the end of my life; and He showed me that it was all going to be ok.

I will be honest with you, I am not stuck in the mud on this, if my Jesus shows me that I am wrong on this, I will change what I believe and shout it from the rooftops!

Until then, God bless you,

i actually deleted the post because i realized i should not have come into this thread, but you saw it and were working on a reply before I could edit so its my own fault. lesson learned for me to be way more mindful and in prayer before i post. i don't have any other thoughts on this matter so i will just leave it there.

God bless you as well

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