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 Recommended SI Messages on Persecution

Saints there are some good messages on Sermon Index on persecution and martyrdom. Some of us have listened to a few of them and posted our recommendations on different threads. If the mods will permit I thought it would be good to have a central thread where we could come and give our recommendations and post the link. Or give the name of the sermon or message

A few ground rules please. SI protocals to be observed. This is not a discussion or debating thread. This is simply a venue to recommend messages on persecution that have blessed you. You must have listened to the message before you post. Also you may provide a brief summary of what the message is about. I pray this thread will be a blessing and a good source of excellent messages to build up the body for upcoming persecution.

All are invited to participate.


 2012/7/1 17:39

 Re: Recommended SI Messages on Persecution

May God bless with some good recommendations.


 2012/7/1 17:43

 Re: The Upcoming Wave of Persecution by Denny Kenniston

I just finished listening to this message by Denny Kenniston. This brother gave this message in 2008. It is part of his series on early Anabaptist history. Although this message is geared to upcoming persecution of Christians of all denominations across America.
What I found intriguing in the message was Denny saying in his travels that 75% of believers he surveys believe persecution is coming to America . He tells how one should prepare for persecution. Parents will appreciate his emphasis on preparing children for persecution.

I did not find the message morbid but very encouraging. Particularly in.light of the upcoming Sermon Index conference.

Highly commended to listen to. My apologies but I do not know how to post the kink. But message can be accessed by name.


 2012/7/1 18:02

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here is the message by brother denny kenaston you are mentioning:

The Approaching Wave of Persecution by Denny Kenaston

Here is a list of sermons with this topic:

How to Handle Persecution by Danny Bond

Persecution, Affliction, And Tribulation by Keith Daniel

(Revelation) God Allowing Persecution On Earth by Willie Mullan

The Godly People Will Be Persecuted by Zac Poonen

The Coming Final Persecution by Steven J. Lawson

The Secret Door by Corrie Ten Boom

Imperial Persecutions by Robin Boisvert

Persecution for Righteousness by Dwight Pentecost

Revival Amidst (Islamic & Communistic) Persecution by Peter Hammond

What Will You Do When YOU Face the Fire? by E.L. Bynum

Could We Handle Heavy Persecution? by Ed Hicks

Persecuted For Christ (Part 7) by Jim Cymbala

The Beauty of Nothing by Richard Wurmbrand

Prevailing, Prayer, Persecuted Church by John McGregor

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2012/7/1 19:00Profile


Oh ny goodness. Thank you Greg for posting these. This looks like some excellent listening.

 2012/7/1 19:20

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Thank you Bearmaster and Greg,

I was wondering how you will be posting these subjects on persecution,

that we might have easy access in finding them ?


 2012/7/1 19:40Profile


Hi Elisabeth,

As we get recommendations from what people listen to will try to post then here. You can see Greg has already posted several good messages to listen to on persecution.


 2012/7/1 20:26

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Thank you,

The Lord Bless the work,


 2012/7/1 22:24Profile

 Re: Communism, Islam, Sept. 11, and Sovergnty of God by Joseph Tson

Although not dealing directly on the topic of persecution this message is worth listening to. This is he first of a three part message by Joseph Tson. In the first part of the message he describes the fall of communism and addresses the next challenge to the gospel. The rise of Islam. He also discuss martyrdom and how one who is not afraid to die for Christ is unstoppable in the kingdom of God. I look forward to listening to the other two messages.

I would commend these messages because they deal with the rise of Islam. As we know Islam is coming to America. Islam could be that which will be an avenue of persecution for believers in America.

I will provide reports of the other two messages as I get time to listen to them.


 2012/7/3 14:34

 Re: Islam, Communism, Sept.11: God's Sovergnty, Part 2 by Joseph Tson

In this second message Joseph Tson goes more into a theology of martyrdom. He discusses how God conquers Satan by one dying to self. What I found fascinating was his background on Rev. 2:10. Definitely these messages do get better as you listen to them. Well worth listening to.

The first two messages discusses God's sovergnty over kingdoms and how Satan ultimately will be defeated. Very encouraging.

Joseph also shares how love can bring about the downfall of evil. That being the love of Christ. He shares from his own personal experience of persecution.


 2012/7/3 16:10

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