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 Right doctrine wrong posture

Is what your fighting over worth the discord among Christ's body it is causing? At the end of it all,will it have been worth the price you paid? Perhaps a root of bitterness spring up? Is my misunderstanding a doctrine really the issue? If I were to succumb to your way of thinking would I be a more GODLY believer, or just another notch on your 5 point pistol?

The spirit I feel when I encounter a doctrinal debate,such as we have seen in the SI forum,is one of competition rather than edification! Did you pray for your opponent before you fired that last shot? Is your being right more important than being a help to someone who may have been raised in an atmosphere of : get them born again baptized and branded ?

This is very often the case, where someone gets saved in a particular denomination and are thought to look upon those other groups as a bunch of goats,and not with a compassion for their souls. The pastor himself often times from the pulpit, spewing out the venom of discord, all the while supposing himself to be the mouth piece of GOD.

This whole business of debating the meaning of GOD'S word is a sure fire method of determining a persons spiritual maturity,in their lack of humility you will surly find the cause for spreading discord!! Upholding the truth is of utmost importance,but an examination of ones own motives is certainly a demand of the law of love in CHRIST JESUS, when doing so!!!!!!!!!!


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