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We really do live by the Spirit of God and not a set of moral rules and regulations. If all we need is rules and regulations then we don't need the Holy Spirit.

So true.

Now the truth is, the embracing of any moral code becomes a substitute for the True Life that only comes from Christ. It also becomes a substitute for the transformation of the heart.

Anything that causes us to be arrogant, prideful and lead us to the judging and condemning other people is completely contrary to true Christianity, the Life of Christ.

Now this emphasis on embracing a moral code which seems to be very prevalent teaching in many denominations across America is a complete and utter lie. In fact, it really is heresy because it offers an alternate way to the Life of Christ and an alternative for the transformation of the heart.

 2012/7/19 14:19

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Wow! Amen Tuc.

And I might add, Law isn't just the Mosaic Law; "law" is anything humans can do--any human effort apart from abiding in Christ. So when Paul writes in Romans 6 that we aren't under law, but under grace, that means that we aren't under ANY sort of human works--even how much we believe, how faithful we are, or anything else. It's all about God giving, and us receiving.


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