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 God delivered me from being Gay Finally!!!!

He who God forgives much....loves much!!!

For years I would pray that God would stop me from being Gay. But I did not know what it would cost me. And I would fall back into temptations. For years this sin of being Gay would chain my ankle.

Finally, when I saw the total unhappiness and counted the cost of being gay and not having God or giving my life completely and totally over to God to do whatever he wanted and live completely inaccordance with his word and commands....I prayed the sinner's prayer and added my plea to deliver me from my bondage of being gay....he washed away my sins and gave me the miracle of being a New Man in Christ. ALL my desires of being with another man was gone and has Never come back. And I have given God everything and follow his word as best as possible. And when I screw up he is there to love me and help me....though his miracle of deliverance was and is complete!!!
I can tell you....that after having been Gay for over half my life and bragging to everyone about it...even going so far as being in the gay newspaper bi-weekly....that they have come up with a great way to find acceptance for their sins in the Straight people's eyes.... I was completely gay and there was no doubt in anyone's mind; my boss knew I was, my ex knew I was, my lover knew I was, my whole family knew I was, everyone knew it and including mine for along time. I can tell you that .......
It is easy for the world to accept something so perverse and sick as to think of a man having sex with another man or woman to woman....when they were fed the lies.....they were born this is not their fault. And the world brought it hook line and sinker. If you tell a lie enough and loud enough and long enough it starts to be believed as truth. That's a fact.
It's a world of Satan's turning and twisting of sins and sickness of desires that tie up the person in their thoughts and life. Not one person that I know that is gay or lesbian wants to be gay...but they feel hopelessly trapped more now than ever before....for they brought the same lie of being born gay. What a bunch of lies the Devil can come up with. And where the absolute 100% prove that is beyond any doubt conducted by non basis scientist on this? Search for it...look at the data.....prove it like a scientist would.....and you will see that it's all a bunch of jump on the band wagon lies with no 100% proof just like the Darwin theories of his day. I watched as they fooled you and the gay world....weak unsupported data...but it will sell ad space on the news stations so let's run with it (the news is at best 57% true - I learned this the hard way).

Only through the blood of Jesus Christ can a person escape fully the sins of being Gay. Only your prayers can help make this happen.....pray for them...pray for a miracle of deliverance...pray for their them and show Jesus on earth and pray for them all the time. If you love them and show Jesus on the earth that will prick their heart and bother them....and the work is beginning on their heart....for salvation!!!

Love the person and hate the sin. But do not have fellowship with them. Do not let their sins corrupt your life and walk with God (that is why you are to separate them from cause them to want to have fellowship with Jesus on the earth and to protect you from their way of life opening a foot hold for the Devil to warp your thoughts and life). You are to love them, pray for them and separate them from you. The desire to be with real Godly people will cause their heart to yearn....but fake "Christians" will cause them to hate Christ and turn them further into their sins. Prayer is the key and the answer.

I know....I'm living proof!!! Never give up praying for your loved might even die not seeing the answer of your prayers like both my parents might even see your loved one going into a coma a sinner never to come out of it and think that they ended up in Hell....yet God is loving and I know from being in a Coma can think and react and pray in a Coma. You are like a Mute just cannot talk. But even Mutes can get saved!!! Praise God!!! The Coma is another of God's chances for that person to get it right with him for that person. God is merciful!

How many wonderful surprises we are going to see in Heaven!!! Then and only then will we see the greatness of God's love!!! You think you can pin God down and understand what he will do and his mercy? Boy are you going to be surprised!!!

There is no pit of sin so deep that God's love is not deeper still!!!! -- Corrie Ten Boom

Prayer changes things and People. I'm living proof of what can happen when God's people pray! When you find a reason or a hopeless situation...pray....Prayer changes things!!!

Praise God for his healing and his total forgiveness!!! A New Man in Christ!!! And total new thoughts!!! Protected by following God completely!!!

 2005/2/13 19:45

Joined: 2004/4/27
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 Re: God delivered me from being Gay Finally!!!!

Hallelujah AMEN!!

James Gabriel Gondai Dziya

 2005/2/13 23:38Profile

 Re: God delivered me from being Gay Finally!!!!

wow~! Bless God!

I love you brother, yur intense.

I will continue to pray for your further sanctification.

 2005/2/13 23:53

Joined: 2003/9/16
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 Re: Praise God

Yes, the only victories I've had in my walk with Jesus were through the power of the blood of Jesus. The Holy Spirit prompted me to write them all out a couple of weeks ago.

There's real victory over sin in this life through the real blood of Jesus. Not a future victory but a present victory.

Thanks for sharing. He is creating a testimony of His faithfulness in your heart.

Ed Pugh

 2005/2/14 17:39Profile

Joined: 2004/1/15
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 Re: miracle

praise the Lord! might i say this is amazing. i am very glad to hear this...i have a friend (who is only 17) in a class of mine that is very outspokenly gay. (his mother is also gay.) how i pray for this sad situation and after reading your story, i now have some hope for this guy. thank you and may you draw near to Him even more.

in Christ alone!


 2005/2/27 21:56Profile

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Newton, Ks.

 Re: God delivered me from being Gay Finally!!!!

Amen and glory to God.

Ricki Greer

 2005/3/5 11:51Profile

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