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 Have Dominion

Have Dominion
When God made the first man he told them “have dominion”(Gen.1v28) when he destroyed the world in the days of Noah the same words rank again “have dominion”(Gen9v1-3). We have read of words in the Scriptures God saying , “be holy “, “Go and sin no more “,“be perfect “ and Christ after the resurrection told us “to exercise His authority and power because all authority in heaven and earth is given up to him.
If He will had said “ I will make you have dominion” , “I will make you perfect “ etc then in another way if man tries to have dominion, or perfection and then he fails, He may have a right to look into an external factor, as if the eternal factor is what God must first deal with to give Him the dominion or perfection. But when Christ said “Have dominion” or “be perfect “, then God is dealing with man as responsible to whatsoever state he find himself and not because of an external factor. “Do not repay evil with evil but evil with good”. So is saying not the external factor that come against you that should change your state, but the internal factor working in your heart. When the Lord finished dealing with those men who caught that woman caught in Adultery , he told the woman “go and sin no more “ helping her see she is to be blamed of whatsoever state she found herself and not an eternal factor or the hypocrisy of her accusers. Not God, nor His spirit, men, devil or his demons is to be blamed when we fail but our own self. Even in the Church there is much division, coldness, and carnality but neither God, nor his Holy Spirit or Christ, Satan or his demons is to be blamed for our states corporately but our own hearts. It is not a time factor, it is a heart factor. We can live the next millions years without change until the affections of our heart change.
Why are we taking this stand? it is because when God said to man “have dominion” , “ be perfect” “walk in Love “ He never left man alone to bring this out but Have deposited His spirit in man to brings forth all the impossibilities to possibilities. What is man responsibility? It is, ask and you shall received, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be open. What about when men cease asking, seeking and knocking wasting our times in other things? Which door of the kingdom will be open to pour out divine life, when we do not even see nothing wrong within our heart while evil still reign within? What will we find or received? There is so much we can still ask, seek and knock about all through in life. This is why when we fail, we fail because of ourselves; because when we persistently keep the way of asking, seeking and knocking He will always show us a way out, strength that we do not know about and a door that no man, demon, system, non system, or eternal factor can closed.


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