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 Keeping Your Body Under by Jon Courson

But I keep under my body, and bring it into subjection: lest that by any means, when I have preached to others, I myself should be a castaway.
1 Corinthians 9:27

Newer translations correctly render the word ‘castaway’ as ‘disqualified’. Thus, Paul is saying, ‘I let go of my liberty in order that I might win people to Jesus. Why? Because I’m in a race for a prize which will affect who I am and what I do in the ages to come. Therefore, even though I am free to do all things, I can be disqualified if I don’t keep my flesh under control, if I cause another to stumble ...’

Favored to win the 1500 meter Olympic event, Mary Decker was in excellent shape and running her best times. But after the gun went off another talented runner, Zola Budd of South Africa, leaned into Mary Decker on the first curve, causing Decker to trip and fall — and herself to be disqualified.

This is the reason Paul was determined to keep his body under control.

Before you were saved, your body was not under. Your body was on top. That is, your flesh was that which governed both your soul — your mind and emotions — and your spirit — the real you which lives forever. To see how true this is, all you have to do is listen to the conversations which take place at work or on the campus, wherein you’ll hear the average person talk only about his body — about his financial concerns and recreational pursuits, his occupational goals and physical needs. But when the natural man gets saved, suddenly everything is different. The flesh no longer dominates him. The spirit is now on top, and suddenly there’s peace in his heart and life makes sense.

But because the flesh hates the basement, as time goes on, it demands to be on top again. And when it is, the new believer’s life is a mess, for to be carnally minded is death (Romans 8:6). So eventually, he gets to the place where he says, ‘Lord, forgive me. I’ve given in to the flesh again.’ He confesses his sin, turns his life back over to God, and his body is ‘under’ once more.

Does this war have to go on daily, hourly, constantly? Paul says. 'Here’s the key: I keep my body under. I will not allow my body to determine what I watch, read, listen to, or think about. I will keep my body in the basement.’

How can this be accomplished?

Let me suggest to you one very practical way: How long has it been since you’ve said No to your stomach? How long has it been since you’ve said, ‘I’m going to use the hour I would have spent feeding my growling, demanding stomach in order to pull away and pray for my family, for the community and for myself because I’m struggling with this temptation or that addiction’? That’s called fasting. And I find it interesting that Jesus didn’t say, ‘If you fast ... ’, but, ‘When you fast ... .’ (Matthew 6:16 - emphasis mine). When you say No to your stomach regularly, you’ll be amazed how much easier it will be to say No to the other temptations which plague you.

Fasting from food is only one of the many disciplines the Bible teaches — not to be weird, but to be free. Another is saying No when your body says, ‘Hit the snooze bar.’ It’s saying, ‘See, body, you’re under. You’re not ruling me. I’m out of bed. I’m on my knees. I’m in the Word.’ It’s following the example of Jesus Who rose up a great while before morning to seek His Father.

‘I keep my body under,’ Paul says. ‘I’m tired of my body ruling over me and the death it brings inevitably. Therefore, My spirit, ruled by God’s Spirit, will be that which controls my soul — my will, my personality, my emotions.’

You’ll never regret knocking fleshly pursuits out of your life, gang. I promise you, you’ll never regret the things you let go which would have tripped others and disqualified you; those things which would have wiped out your spiritual stamina and affected your endurance.

Are you as disciplined in your spiritual life today as you were a year or five years ago? Or has your appreciation for the Finished Work of the Cross and your understanding that your salvation is secure apart from anything you do or don’t do skewed your thinking?

Yes, you’re free, but have you used that liberty in a way that’s tripping others and disqualifying yourself?

Use your liberty wisely, precious people. Keep your body under, for to be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded brings abundant life and perfect peace.


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 Re: Keeping Your Body Under by Jon Courson

Keeping the body under is not something that God is going to do for us. The Lord has commanded us to deny self and take up our cross. It is a matter of spiritual discipline. Even after many years of being a Christian I have found that the flesh is still the flesh and is utterly corrupt, and needs to be kept under subjection to the new man in Christ. We have to know that our old man has been already crucified with Christ, and reckon ourselves to be dead to sin but alive unto God.



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amen and amen ,a much needed message

lets begine to serperate our selfs for a season

of weekly fastings ,early morning wathches that extend pased the hour
and and afternoon watches

and night watchs ,and call for more of his spirit , for this battel we are in

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