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 I am often lost...

If we take off our “religious glasses” and consider the word “lost”… we get an entirely different view of things, don’t we? : ) Forget the “religious” definition for a moment. Have you ever felt “lost”? Maybe even this WEEK, right? You know, i think for me it’s kinda important to remember that when I feel “lost”—that i have a Messiah, a “Lamp” for my footsteps, in Jesus TOO! And i need that, and i always will! i’m LOST often as not and NEED Him. : )


I was reading through some passages this morning and then happened upon this little devotional thought that was shared by one to another in way of encouraging. As I read over the few words written I realized that I to have often felt that way...Feeling lost is not something that is new to me but the many occasions I have felt this way the LORD in HIS mercy has always "Found" me and for that I am thankful. I was thinking that there are times when on this journey in this life the path seems just a little darker, clouds cover my view and things become unclear but that is when JESUS who is a lamp unto my feet lights the way and I see as if I have never seen before! As I make my way in this life I am always amazed at how faithful HE is and I see that I never stop having need of HIM!!

Just thought I would pass this along to encourage also.

God Bless

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