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 Romans 7

What are your thoughts is Romans 7 the normal Christian Life??

Or is Romans 7 a sinner under the Law who can not get victory over his sin??

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 Re: Romans 7

If you KNOW The man Paul :)

~ it's Definitely the latter!

 2012/6/11 23:34

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 Re: Romans 7

Romans 7 is about the life that is lived under the bondage of the law, and shows how the law is ultimately weak, and cannot serve as a source of victorious living in the Christian life. Rather, it is only through Spirit filled living that we can live a life that is pleasing to God. Those who live by the power of their own will to keep the commandments of God will enter into a vicious cycle of sin from which they cannot escape. But only through the life giving power of the Holy Spirit can we hope to live in victory over the power of sin, and the weakness of our flesh.

Jimmy H

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What Jimmy said.

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Before the Spirit of God can work creatively in our hearts He must condemn and slay the "flesh" within us; that is, He must have our full consent to displace our natural self with the Person of Christ. This displacement is carefully explained in Romans 6, 7,and 8. When the seeking Christian has gone through the crucifying experience described in chapters 6 and 7 he enters into the broad, free regions of chapter 8. There self is dethroned and Christ is enthroned forever.

Quote by A. W. Tozer

Colin Murray

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The reason I chose #2 of proudpapa's OP was because, anyone that is "bound" to the 613 laws means that they are Depending on the 613 to save them and according to Romans and Galatians - Anyone 'bound' to or depending on the 613, are not saved - so thence they are still considered or called "sinners".
Too many are taking these verses that mention the "Law" and re-interpreting it to mean that we are not saved if we believe in "obedience" to Jesus' Words after He saves us - thus Twisting the Scriptures as I've never seen before.
They are calling a Christians' obedience to Jesus' Words - "works righteousness".
Paul was obviously talking about the Jews trying to be saved by the 613 and trying to get the Christians under those...

Gal 5:4 Christ is become of no effect unto you, whosoever of you are justified by the law; ye are fallen from grace.

 2012/6/12 12:52

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Following EverestoSama's good example, I agree with Jimmy and Jesus-is-God posts above.

Arthur Biele

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 Re: Romans 7

Romans 7 is not the normal Christian Life but a Christian life in bondage where "self" is stil on the throne. Romans 8 describes a life of freedom where "self" is delt with and where your soul is under the leading of the Spirit. A Normal Chistian life should be a life describe in Romans 8 but very few Christians experience that life. (Sad to say but it is true) God want us to be an overcomer. We must overcome sin, the flesh, and the self life must be laid down and Jesus must be on the throne.

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"There self is dethroned and Christ is enthroned forever."

Not quite as Wesley found. In fact it was classed as normal to lose the blessing but then to be much more secure once one is restored. One reason some lost it was due to not witnessing to it.

 2012/6/12 15:49

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 Re: Romans 7

What are your thoughts is Romans 7 the normal Christian Life??

Or is Romans 7 a sinner under the Law who can not get victory over his sin??

By considering only the narrow scope of your question are we perhaps missing the broader aspect being taught in this chapter?

To quote Poul Madsen, "The question of Christian or non-Christian hardly enters into the apostle's line of argument. His problem is the relationship of law and man, whether that man is a Christian or not. A Christian is certainly not under the law, but should he turn back to it instead of remaining totally dependent upon the grace of God in Christ Jesus, then he will find himself just as helpless as a non-Christian."

In Christ,


Ron Halverson

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