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  His Blood in Tunisia Cries Out

I tell you the truth, unless a kernal of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remaibs only a single seed. But is it dies it produces many seeds......John 12:24

We are increased and grow when we are mowed down by you. The blood of the Chridtan (martyr) is the seed of the church.......Tertullian writing to a Roman governor who persecited and martyred Christians.

A little over a year ago an Arab vendor set himself on fire to call attention to the injustices of his nation. This occurred in Tunisia. His actions gave rise to what is known as the Arab Spring. The leaders of Tunisia, Egypt, and Lybia were overthrown. Demonstrations broke out in other parts of the Middle East. They were suppressed. Syria is still in civil war. It is no secret that Islamic extremist have hijacked the so called Arab Spring and turned it into an Arab winter.

Another event took place in Tunisia which could have profound implications for another uprising. I mean a kingdom uprising. An advancing of the gospel of Jesus. A gospel explosion that could very well shake Islam to its core. I speak of a saint who was slain for Christ. A martyr for the Lamb. His execution was broadcast all over the Middle East and even into this forum. We debated the aporopiateness of watching the video.

Moderators before you lock this thread please hear me and pray over this. Forum please hear me and pray. God had set before us a strategic opportunity. What the devil means for evil and fear can be turned around and be used for the glory of Christ. I speak of this video being used as a tool to bring Moslems to Christ.

Two thousand years of church history have shown that the blood of the martyrs have greatly advanced the kingdom of Christ, the spread of his gospel. Who has not heard the story of Jim Elliot and those other missionaries who were skain. Yet that whole tribe came to Christ as a result of the missionaries martyrdom.

Forum if one man could set himself on fire and give ise to a temporal movement whose results are questionable. What will happen in eternity of a saint who was slain for his faith. How many souls will be iimpacted. But there is a key The key is our prayers.

We have been given a marvelous opportunity to pray for the advancing the gospel. The Jihadist have done a service in providing this video. Now let us pray that any Moslem who watches the testimony of this saint giving his life for Jesus will come to Jesus. Let us pray they have an experience with Christ. This could be our opportunity to shape the eternal destiny of the Middle East through our prayers. Let us pray this brother's sacrifice not be in vain. Let us pray his death will bring many, many, many to life in Christ.

Saints the word martyr means witness. When the early church remembered the martyrs they remembered those who bore testimony to Jesus. This brother has born testimony to Jesus. Let us water his testimony with our prayers for more souls to come to Jesus.

The Moravians had a saying they woukd shout to one another as they embarked on those one way mission trips. May the Lamb that was slain recieve the reward of his sufferings. May that be true through this brothers martyrdom. May Jesus recieve great reward.

Posted in honor of a slain brother in Tunisia. Posted in honor and glory to the Lamb that was slain.


 2012/6/9 14:03

 Re: His Blood in Tunisia Cries Out

Very true bearmaster, we must be willing to truly be persecuted for righteousness sake.

Years ago I attended a church in California. The Pastor would declare that we needed to "identify" with the persecuted church. He even had wurmbrand come speak at one time. He would often quote wurmbrand in sermons.

But there was a problem.

This pastor would emmediatly and always warn us against being pridefull in persecution. He would use psychology points and anytime there really was some "persecution" in the ministry outreaches we did at abortion clinics or street witnessing etc. He would essentialy say we were exhibiting pride.

If people got angry with you when witnessing he would say youre not doing it right and many in the congregation would agree.

(This tendency is still in the churches as a whole. We think if people get mad at us then we have no witness.)

However many in the congregation were confused by this mixed message. essentialy throwing water on the fire.

I'm sure he meant well but he just did'nt quite get it in that area.

He is no longer a pastor.

We must be willing to live righteously if we live righteously then we WILL suffer persecution.
This could be as little as uncomfortable stares to being fired or beaten or killed for Christs sake.

The Moravians had it didn't they brother!

 2012/6/9 15:29

 Re: Thingsabove

Indeed brother. The Mioravians did have it. God grant that we could emulate their example.


 2012/6/9 16:37

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Moderators before you lock this thread please hear me and pray over this. Forum please hear me and pray.

Dear Brother, the only reason we locked the other thread was because of the graphic violence in seeing an actual murder. We believe Christians especially young children should not be subject to such things un-needfully.

I fully agree with your burden in this post and the early moravians surely had the right burden of the Lord that the evangelical church needs desperately.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: A Prayer for Tunisia

Father God we do not kniw who this precious saint was whose soul is now with you. Indeed he is now in the arms if Jesus. His soul us under the altar. He did not deny you but owned his Jesus io until the end.

Dear God grant that this saint's death not be in vain. Dear Jesus as this seed has fallen into the ground and died. Grant that many seeds rise from this brother's sacrificial death. Dear God may such a gospel harvest be brought forth from Tunisia that the Middle East tremble from a gospel explosion.

Lord we pray for another Arab spring. But an Arab spring with eternal fruit. We cry for souls to be brought out of darkness into the light of Christ. Oh God hear this prayer. Grant us eternal fruit. Indeed what the devil has meant for evil you turn to good.

Lord Jesus send forth the fire of your word. Let your blazing gospel go forth. Dear God the blood of a martyr has been shed. Now we water this seed with our tearful prayers. God grant that the Lamb that was slain recieve the reward of his sufferings over Tunisia and the rest of the Middle East.

In the name of the Lamb that slain.

Amen. .

 2012/6/9 17:59

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I agree with bearmasters beautiful prayer

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