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 Sharing The Grief Of God In The Last Days - Basilea Schlink

Recently I came across something the Lord had shown me nearly forty years ago. At the beginning of the end times God would raise up souls to lament with Him and bring Him comfort.

This group of mourner-comforters would have all the qualities we need today. Before the anguish of God reaches its peak, we need to pray that these qualities will become ours. These souls do not just respond to God’s judgment – with their whole being they are a response. Years later I was to write:

In days to come many people, unable to flee the wrath of God, will lash out against Him and curse His name, refusing to repent of sin (Revelation 16:9,11). At that time God will be waiting for those who will share His anguish and grieve with Him, those who will bring Him comfort by confessing their sins and humbly submitting to His wrath. Unwittingly, they are living proof of His love, because they never lose confidence in the love of God.

They will share God’s anguish (Genesis 6:6) for a morally and physically polluted world, for a world of contaminated soil and water, of depraved minds, stifled consciences and blaspheming tongues. But they will also grieve over their own sins as noprevious generation. Because they empathize with God, they can genuinely mourn over what they have done to God.

These mourner­comforters will lament for the multitudes on the road to hell. But when they grieve for the lost or for those hit by disaster, they weep with a priestly heart, just as Jesus wept over Jerusalem when His city did not recognize the hour of its visitation (Luke 19:41-44). Even while suffering themselves from the effects of divine judgment, they will join in the song raised by the heavenly hosts at the throne of God:

YES, Lord God Almighty, True and Just are Your Judgments - Revelation 16:7

If only I could weep, Lord, Lament unceasingly
That You, O Love eternal, So little love receive.
You yearn to have us with You Wherever You may lead,
But we choose our own pathways, Shunning the pain and grief.

If only I could weep, Lord, And never cease to grieve Till ev’rywhere souls hasten To comfort You in love,
So that at last in splendour
The Marriage Feast can be. Then shall Your heart be radiant With joy eternally.

I Want to Console You November 15, 1954


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 Re: Sharing The Grief Of God In The Last Days - Basilea Schlink

I have been blessed by the ministry of Basilea S, and the sisters of Mary. They have a retreat center in AZ. and have a wonderful insight in the joy that comes from repentence. They also have left memorials in many places to give glory to God such as in the Corrie ten Boom house and at Auschwitz. I was pleasantly reminded of them when I read your post.

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thanks for posting that a prophetic word

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