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 narrowpath's comment

Somewhat sarcastic but funny too. Do women need a womens Bible? Made me laugh. I think its good to look at some commentary but not let it crowd out what the Holy Spirit might want to say!!

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 Re: narrowpath's comment


Just for future reference we ask that you reply to another post by pressing the REPLY button. This avoids an entirely new thread to be created.

In the future we will delete posts like this if not replied to in a discussion thread. We trust you understand.

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Trying to figure out how it works. I have replied by hitting reply but it doesnt seem to answer in a way I can track. I will work on figuring it out. This must be were some of my posts have gone. Into outer darkness apparently. Ha!

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 Re: narrowpath's comment

There is no way, really, to track where you post, except to do a search on your own name. One way I've found that works for me is to try and remember to bookmark the threads I post in or I may never read anyone's disagreement with me! LOL

I have labeled my bookmarks as:
> Sermonindex
>> 2011
>> 2012
>>> 20120607 Re: narrowpath's comment

Hope that helps!
God bless,


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