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 University of Truth? More like... lies!

This is a website I came across last night while doing research on a religioun called "Noahites". I knew nothing about them until I heard that term. I actually know some people that adhere to this.

I dont understand it all, but basically they claim to live by the "7 Laws of Noah". It's a form of Judaism, as near as I can tell.

Here's a link (there is nothing questionable! It's only about their teachings!):

Thought maybe some would want to familiarize yourselves with them since this religion seems to be popping up more and more... at least in my world.

Let me know what you think.


 2012/6/6 6:26

 Re: University of Truth? More like... lies!


"Jesus Christ was extraordinary, and not altogether for miracles, or any doctrine that has been placed upon him, but for prophecy, lawfulness, courage, honor, and charisma. We believe He was resurrected, but not for the reasons you may think. We subscribe not to a dogma of salvation per se, but of repentance which is Christ's only message."

Repentance was not our Lords "only" message. Repentance is a part of that message. It is a part of the combination of "repentance from dead works and faith toward God!"

Without faith it would be impossible to have Salvation in Christ alone, His body alone, His Spirit alone! He is the Head we are the body united to Him in the Holy Spirit for Salvation.

They, on this website fall short and are another "works by a law" other than the "law of faith!"

 2012/6/6 7:04


Hi Krispy. The Noahide Laws may seem totally Biblical to some or even most - but that's not their origin and this is a sticky topic. You could do a search on Public Law 102-14 and see just how far from Biblical Truth this all gets. Such as one who has died already in Brooklyn, said to be coming back to be Messiah and the such.
Not to offend anyone out there in the Rabbinic Talmudic world - but the so called 7 laws of Noah are not in our O.T..
The whole of it can be totally harmless or potentially harmful, future tense, but only time can tell what folks will do with these things. There's some indication in the warning to the 7 churches in Revelation that things may possibly get heated from that direction, but we pray not.
It takes a lot of truth to deceive a Christian, so I do see where things are getting quite subtle in the deception business. That 1% poison that we always bring up.

 2012/6/6 9:09


Much much safer to stay in Jesus and his word. His word being the New Testament. As the time of his appearing approaches more more wacky stuff will come out of the wood work.


 2012/6/6 9:41

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 Re: University of Truth? More like... lies!

I checked out this site and did not have to read long until I came upon some weird concepts, really weird. So weird I now consider it a waste of time to study it.

Here is the one that tripped me up:

"To be human means being animal, human, or some mixture of the two, a level of savagery. No human is or ever has been purely animal or purely human."


Sandra Miller

 2012/6/6 9:51Profile


"To be human means being animal, human, or some mixture of the two, a level of savagery. No human is or ever has been purely animal or purely human."

Yea... and thats purely speculation and opinion. There is nothing in the writings they claim as their scripture that indicates anything like this. It's very twisted.

The big red flag is at the beginning of the website where it says in the first sentence that they hold a "unique view" of Judaism, Christianity, Christ, etc.

In theology "unique view" basically means "heretical".


 2012/6/6 10:00

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