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I agree that the music from "Christ our Life" is excellent- my favorite is "You Love Righteousness."

Last year I discovered a group called Eden's Bridge. I really like their sound. Their "Celtic Psalms" is all Psalms. Their other worship albums have hymns.

One of my favorites by them-- "Father Hear the Prayer We Offer"- very strong lyrics


 2012/6/6 7:23Profile


"he that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame to him" (Proberbs 18:13). :-). Brother, I know what you're thinking, but please hear it out first. Go to YouTube and listen to some of Shai Linne's stuff. Ladies in our fellowship cant stand rap/hip-hop style music (including my wife), but can't help but love Shai Linne's stuff because it's so doctrinally sound and so "catchy" that the music sticks with you. His albums "Stories" (filled with songs about stories of things like Spurgeon, the Passover, He High Priest and the Day of the Atonement, The Greatest Story Ever Told (The Cross), Penelope Judd (a children's style allegory), The Maryr's, As The Hour Draws Near/Letters Frhom the Grave (a story of 3 different people on their hospital bed-a faithful believer, a backslider, and a rebel-and a Lazarus and rich man type experience from the grave for the rebellious), etc.
Shai's newest album, The attributes of God is powerful. Each song discusses a different attribute of God (his love, patience, wrath, judgements, jealousy, omnipotence/omniscience/omnipresence, glory, faithfulness, mercy & grace, self-sufficiency, etc.). This album doesn't have a "rap" feel at all, but more of a...........well, I don't know how to describe it exactly, but it flows beautifully.
The Lord has given me prophetic insight on things to come while I was praying in the Spirit & listening to "All-Consuming Fire". Starts out with Piper preaching on what sin is and ends with "God's wrath is coming, God's wrath is coming, Christ is coming on the crowds see the crowds running, God's wrath is coming, God's wrath is coming, behold the Lamb in His might and the sight is stunning, God's wrath is coming, God's wrath is coming, all the wicked will be punished at the final coming, God's wrath is coming, God's wrath is coming, He's gonna vindicate His name at the 2nd coming." it's just anointed, whether you like the "style" of music or not.
Also, YouTube "2nd Coming" from Shai Linne and Flame. It gives me chills. I have been listening to it at a gas station getting gas and believers come up and ask, "who in the world is that!?!?" You can see unbelievers' heads drop in conviction when they hear it because it is that powerful.
Timothy Brindle is more a "straight rapper" in the "style" of an "Eminem" type rap. He cuts no corners, faces issues in his songs head on, raps about Sinfulness, pornography, temptation, false teaching, etc. with verocity. His song "Pressing into the Kingdom" is Pilgrim's Progress put to music. It's unreal.
Like I said, even if you don't like this "type" of music normally, this is worth a listen. Christ Our Life is modern day hymn style worship that I'll bet every believer on this site will love if/when they check them out, and it's free to download. It's what I worship to most of the time.

 2012/6/6 9:08


Yeah, Edens Bridge is good stuff. "On My Side" is one of other favorites of theirs. You can probably YouTube it, or definitely sample it in ITunes

 2012/6/6 9:25


My kids are into the type of rap music you're referring to. They have learned a TON of sound doctrinal teaching from these guys. (mostly reformed too!)


 2012/6/6 10:02

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