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 Music of Choice

Hello all.

I've found that as I get deeper in my closeness to God that my taste in music has changed. Not necessarily in genre (I still love holy hip-hop) but more so in the depth of the lyrics and the doctrinal content thereof. I love congregational worship albums (Hillsong, Matt Redman, Chris Tomlin on occasion, Jesus Culture, etc., etc.) but I'm currently looking for music that is more...choral in nature. I want hymns. Not even hymns redone. I have a couple albums that are modern takes on classic hymns, and it just doesn't fit right.

I suppose I'm looking for Isaac Watts and Charles Wesley, set in the genre that they were originally conceived. Does anyone else enjoy this style of worship? For those that do, who or what do you listen to?

Much obliged.

Nathaniel Marshall

 2012/6/5 20:14Profile

 Re: Music of Choice

Oh my dear brother, you HAVE to check out Christ Our Life Worship Music (NOT the "Christ Our Life Catholic" site). Theirs is all FREE to download (like it should be), completely/totally straight out of the scriptures, and exalts God and not man. If you download their podcasts, it shows all the scriptures where the lyrics were derived, has the lyrics, etc. You will be blessed by the simplicity, purity, and focus of their beautiful modern-day hymns. Let us know what you think. There are like 50 songs on the site. They compose over half the songs we worship to in our local home fellowship, have my 5 kids' favorite songs, etc. They are all Really good! Some of my favorites are "To Whom Shall I Go?", "Let me see thy face and die (Wesley)", "Fire of God", "Let the Children Come", "The Beatitudes", "God is Wonderful", "Psalm 92", "Cry Aloud", "Christ Our Life", "Search Me", etc., etc. All of them are good, in my opinion!!!!!

 2012/6/5 20:29


And if you like "rap" style music, you have to check out Timothy Brindle and Shai Linne. Very recommendable, and I was VERY suspect of "Christian Rap", but their music is solid, talented, and a great blessing to me

 2012/6/5 20:31

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 Re: Music of Choice

"I've found that as I get deeper in my closeness to God that my taste in music has changed."

Same here.

As I am growing in my walk with the LORD, I find myself wanting to listen to music that I can sing along. I love the recordings sold by Dallas Christian Sound. Most are familiar hymns, acapella and easy to sing along. I will play these in our store a lot and sometimes our customers will hum along with them.

The old time southern gospel singers used to sing songs that lend itself well to 'sing-along' but most of them can only be found on YouTube today.

If you go to YouTube and search for Mennonite acapella singers you should be able to find a variety there that you may find inspiring.

As I get older I find myself yearning more and more for acapella singing. I love instrumentals, or at least I used to. But to sing along has its own blessings and value. It warms the spirit and soul - somehow I sense the joy of the LORD when singing like this.

This is my current experience...

Sandra Miller

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Your username freaked me out a bit, my dad's name is Jeff Marshall :P I was thinking to myself, "what in the world is my dad doing on SI??" haha

In any case, I will definitely have to check them out. And I already have all of Shai Linne's music. ;) He's definitely an anointed man of God, he and Timothy both.


I definitely like the old-time-y southern gospel style. I wish there were people that had those voices that still sang like that. And that it was semi-mainstream so that I could at least purchase it on iTunes or download it somewhere.

I'll look into your recommendations and let you know what I find!! Thanks!

Nathaniel Marshall

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And if you like "rap" style music, you have to check out Timothy Brindle and Shai Linne. Very recommendable, and I was VERY suspect of "Christian Rap", but their music is solid, talented, and a great blessing to me

If you like this stuff you should also investigate into their Lampmode record label mates Stephen the Levite and S.O.

Stephen the Levite just came out with a new album, that I really enjoy, and S.O. has his up for free download on the Lampmode Records website.

Solid, doctrinally sound, talented hip-hop, with fantastic lyrics.

 2012/6/5 23:25Profile

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it is funny how conservative christians can actually like rap " music". i believe this to be the lowest standard of music ever put over to the public.i still love you but rap ?jimp

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northern USA

 Re: Music of Choice

I much prefer the old classic hymns. I have an album(CD) called HYMNS TRIUMPHANT by the London Philharmonic Orchestra which i highly recommend. It has like 39 hymns on it, including the Doxology (my favorite all time hymn).

I also highly recommend Glenn Kaiser's old album, "ALL MY DAYS", which is a beautiful worship album that is very moving and soul stirring. It is probably out of print now but you might locate a good used copy somewhere on Amazon or something.

 2012/6/6 3:31Profile

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jeff mar you sound exacly like me but i hated rap ,,i concidered it devils music to the core ,, loved some the old favourest like amaasing grace ,and still to love sigtature sound butafull oh what a savour got hear that old time sothern gosple ,four of five guys doin harmeny exelent
the gaither vocal band good gosple
all on you tube

then i herd shaii lyne ,and timothy brindle ,,blew me a way with the amount of bible and gosple a 4 minute song can contain

i recomend on you tube the humily of christ by timothy brindle the live version ,, and bond serverts of christ ,tim and shai,, leter to the romens shai lynne

saved by grace by tim and shai

the greasted story ever told ,shai lynne

check it out on you tube

the gosple , by shai linne


 2012/6/6 6:14Profile


Certainly as I grew and continue to grow in the Lord my tastes change concerning content... but as far as style? I actually love discovering new styles of music. Opera and cheesy poorly done Christian music are two style I truly do not like.


 2012/6/6 6:21

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