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 Who is your favorite SI preacher

Who is your favorite SI preacher??

I would have to say that mine is between probably 3 Denny Kenaston, Keith Daniel and David Wilkerson

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 Re: Who is your favorite SI preacher

What is SI?

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 Re: drhumm

What is SI? sermon index

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 Re: Who is your favorite SI preacher

Art Katz, of course - who else?

Borrowing Art's lingo, I'm no 'dum-dum' :-)

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 Re: Who is your favorite SI preacher

That's very easy: Leonard Ravenhill

(second: Tozer, third: Zac Poonen/Paul Washer/David Wilkerson/Keith Daniel (I couldn't choose).

Wijnand de Ridder

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I like and have gleaned from so many of them, but have been personally challenged, uplifted, and taught the most by Jacob Prasch. IMO one of the best Bible teachers in our day.

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Michael L. Brown (particularly, Holy Desperation)
Art Katz


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There are several, but tops would have to be Leonard Ravenhill, David Wilkerson, Art Katz, & Paul Washer. There are definitely others, but these guys' preaching/teaching has likely influenced me the most.

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America's Heartand


It seems to me that there are seasons of life where one type of ministry or minister just speaks so clearly and powerfully to your heart. At other times it may be someone with a very different style or emphasis in their preaching so over the years it may shift between several different people each adding something new and different to your life.

That being said - the two minsters with recordings here on SI that I have personally enjoyed and been stirred by the most would have to be Duncan Campbell and J. Edwin Orr. It is probably because they were both closely and directly involved in church leadership during times of tremendous outpourings of God. They speak from scripture AND experience of seeing God shake entire geographic areas with His power, might, and visitation. Orr is also possibly the greatest human historian on revival that has ever walked the planet. His knowledge of the facts, and spiritual insight as to how those facts can be distilled into usable principles for seeking God and seeing Him move, are priceless in my opinion.

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…. there are seasons of life where one type of ministry or minister just speaks so clearly and powerfully to your heart.

This is true for me too. And it isn’t always through a public figure – a household name. That was even true in bible days. God used preachers who would never get into anyone’s hall of fame – or our own select list of preachers. Consider the woman at the well – how effectively she influenced her village folk for Christ. Or consider the women with the two small coins: she gave all she had. Perhaps such a person is the very one whom God wishes to speak to us. Perhaps such people lurk here in the shadows of SI - who are so “quiet” we would easily pass them by in our list of potential favorites – but who may have a word from the Lord for us. It's been true for me many times.

It’s interesting that the Corinthian church was having disputes over favorite preachers. No doubt the problem had to do with “ME” being at the center: what/who appeals best to ME. I know that our thread title here is not aimed to draw us towards our own interests, but to invite us to share how certain preachers have affected us.

And there are many wonderful preachers here – people whose messages speak long after they are gone.



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