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Joined: 2005/2/10
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 Just Joined

Hi - Just signed on tonight. I'm from North Dakots and was just browsing the web looking for David Wilkerson audio sermons and happened across this site. I'm thrilled.

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The Netherlands

 Re: Just Joined

Hey Barkley

I love David Wilckerson, the sermon [url=]A Call To Anguish[/url] has effected me very much.

But Leonard Ravenhill you might like also, he has a great influence on many SI members here :-D
[url=]The Judgement Seat Of Christ (video)[/url]
[url=]What Is Your Life[/url]

and of course you might want to check the Revival Hymn ;-)
[url=]The Revival Hymn[/url]

God bless!



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Santa Clara, CA

 Re: Just Joined

Welcome, we are just as thrilled to have you!

Could only echo that Wilkerson message...
Keep the Kleenex handy. It ruined me in a way that the lines are now etched on my heart.

"If you don't help me..."

Let us know if we can be of any help whatsoever.

Mike Balog

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 Re: hello

Hi Barkley,

Glad to have you on SI! You've come to the right place to find David Wilkerson sermons (and supporters :-) )

I love "A Call To Anguish" as well. One of my favs. Also "Counterfeit Christianity".

May the Lord reveal Himself to you more and more each day.

In Him, Chnain


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 Re: Just Joined

Hi Barkley,

I found this site just as you have found it. I was looking for David Wilkerson sermons and I found his sermons (he is great blessing to me) and not just that but much more! Many more godly preachers like Leonard Ravenhill, Keith Daniel, Tozer, Duncan Campbell and others. I met also many brothers and sisters from all over the world who have been such encouragement to me through all this time.

Open your heart to the Lord
and be blessed.

Your brother,

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 Re: Just Joined

Welcome mate hope you enjoy! Hope we will hear from you soon!

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Cache Valley, Utah

 Re: Just Joined

Welcome Barkley, God bless


Eli Brayley

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