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 The Purposes of a Great King!

An Allegory:

Babylon the Great City of Men!

Some time ago a strange thing happened. A man, who held a certain country in contempt because he saw that it had become Babylon, the Great City, began to feel a burden for the people who lived in that City. Not a concern for a City, but a concern for the little flock that lived in that City. The feeling of contempt was so strong that he even warned others in his own country to avoid it and flee its influence.

He knew though that the influence was already great and that simply speaking against it would do little to answer his concerns. So he joined a few, of a Little Flock, so that he could ask them what they thought. In a short season it became clearer that they also knew with a greater certainty than he did, that their City had become a Vanity, and a Blasphemy. On the journey which was at times confusing and difficult to understand, one here and one there from amongst those he journeyed with, spoke of their concerns over the City they lived in. Ah he thought to himself! Now if it pleases God I will be able to understand.

Pressing on against the tide of confusion he began to understand that living in Babylon, the Great City was a difficult thing for a few of the little flock. Not only did the citizenry mock them, but they began to hate them also. To a great perplexity the man also saw that even a greater number of the little flock were mockers, with a mind of their own. The warning of a few, to the many brethren, was met by disbelief. Sometimes it was met by ridicule. In the end it will be met by violence. “Why has God allowed this?” The man asked himself! “The fathers of this country, from its first vision, were themselves established on a Rock. How could God have allowed then, the building of a Great City, Babylon, upon the foundation of men? The fathers had left their own country, to this place, for freedom to serve God. Now, everyman was free to serve himself.”

With a great sadness and a need to know, the man determined to see if there was a way to show his new friends how to escape their City. Yet in the end he saw and understood that they were preparing themselves for a day of misery and retribution. He didn’t try to persuade them because he had nothing to persuade them with. There was no map to draw. Saying! Go here! Look! Go over there! He could only accept with a heavy heart that a few, of a little flock, were right in their estimation of their City.

They made a declaration “the Great City, Babylon, is already fully built and a report had gone to the Mighty King, Who had determined to judge this wicked City.”

As the man turned back to his own country he saw in the thicket, a scroll. Written upon it were the words, “The Purposes of the Great King”. So he read it and was amazed. He cried to his friends “whose scroll is this? It was lost! See! I have found it”. Who will take it?

No one was able to take it. A man, who was far off, he was willing to take it. Yet he could not. He was the one who had placed the scroll of the Great King in the thicket. It is written in the scroll that his country is also become as a Great City. Babylon.

In His judgement the Great King showed mercy and said, “Remain” to these few. I saw that for this cause they would stay. I saw that they loved their brethren and they loved the Great King. They would also stay for the citizens of that Great City. Babylon. Hoping faithfully that by speech they could serve the citizens of that place who would suffer a greater loss than their own, if they were not shown a Way to please the Great King Who had written “I will Judge”.

The man said in his heart “I cannot cast the scroll back into the thicket. It is a scroll of the Great King. I will clean it and wrap it in a golden chord and deliver it myself to the few. They will take it if I make it plain to them in privacy.” So he did as it seemed right to him in his own heart. He has now returned to his own country, where a false king is rising in the place of the Great King. He went with trembling.


The end

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 Re: The Purposes of a Great King!

reminds me of pirgrims progress

in a day or two can you give the interpration brother


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 Re: The Purposes of a Great King!

Hi! Amrkelly
Thank you for this very thoughtful Post.
I enjoyed it very much. It's a real spirit-catcher because of the manner which it was written.

The Purposes of a Great King!
by amrkelly on 2012/6/4 1:10:10
An Allegory:
Babylon the Great City of Men!

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