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 God moves Today! In our obedience & faithfulness.

Although there have been many moves of God throughout church history only one move of God is really important for saints today. That’s the one which is working in us who believe in God’s only begotten Son - today.

The many moves of God in the past are reminders that God always answers prayers and He always labours according to His own will and good pleasure. But we also know from many testimonies of faithful men and women that God is always looking for labourers who are willing to labour. How each of these saints labour is a matter of God calling them to labour. Yet these labourers must be willing to labour if there is to be any effect or benefit. God also gives each of these labourers talents and gifts and a measure of faith so that they themselves are able to work out how to labour faithfully. We have been given the Scriptures to test what we are doing and what we believe. We are also given other brethren to shepherd us, and to teach and keep us in our efforts. When all of this giving by God is met by a will to be obedient and faithful, the result is spectacular and more wonderful than anything this world has to offer or could possibly give. Yet our will to serve God and labour for His glory must be grounded and rooted in truth. It can never be a matter of opinion or even personal experience.

The only reliable and trustworthy attitude to have if we are determined in our hearts to please God, (and be found as faithful servants when the Lord Jesus returns), is to be led by the Holy Spirit. To the labourer this means that we must walk in newness of life, which is received when we first believed. The labourer will also need power as well as direction and light. This means receiving the same baptism which the Apostle’s and the other saints in Jerusalem received on the day of Pentecost. Of course many know and believe these things already. The reason for sharing them again is to draw attention to the problem of deception and foolishness which has taken place over the past few decades which can and will affect our labours if we do not come to a reasonable understanding of these deceptions and foolish things.

The following three posts are truly profound taken together and should benefit anyone who has a mind to please God. We may not be personally affected by what they speak of. Yet this may not always be the case. It would be better if we were prepared for both what God is allowing for His own sovereign purposes, as well as our own good benefit. In working this out with a heart of contrition towards God we will be benefited and we will be a benefit to others. Perhaps many if it pleases God to do so. We need to be led by God. If we are led by God Himself in His own timing, it will go more to the Glory and Praise of God and Christ than to our own name. If we lay hold of the meaning of this and set aside individualism and individual rights it will be as a season of rain in a time of drought. We are the Body of Christ.


 2012/6/2 16:47

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