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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11

 A Confession From The Site Moderator (brother Greg)

Dear Saints,

I am not sure how many of you noticed a venture I was attempting to undertake over the last few weeks. I began a personal blog at Some of the reasons behind this desire was to start writing more publicly (which I am still aiming to do). Also part of the desire was to build a website platform to be able to promote any future ebooks /books I publish which I still feel the Lord has me to do.

But I need to confess to brothers and sisters here that I knew I was striving during this time to "make it happen" and not trusting the Lord by the Spirit fully. There is a calling of the Lord on my heart to write and to see some short books published for the body of Christ but I felt I was attempting in some ways in my own strength to accomplish it. I have personally repented of this and have taken the website blog down.

I do not want to be found building the kingdom of man and have the kingdom of God suffer. I failed to hear and follow the voice of the Lord clearly. In no way do I feel condemned by this I simply feel renewed in my desire to seek the Lord Himself and receive more clear and direct instructions from him.

I am sure many of us can be in such a place to go ahead with our own scheming and talents and resources. I have a renewed faith now to ask the Lord for the impossible so that He may be glorified from it. I want Him to open the doors so there can be a testimony built for His kingdom.

Thank you for your patience towards this servant of the Lord and your continued prayers that I can guide this ministry rightly in the ways of the Lord. I do not want to judge by appearance but to trust the Lord for there results for eternity which is by faith and not by sight.

I wrote this article during the time with the blog and felt it was a warning to my heart not realizing I would have to repent like this and act on this warning to not build my own platform. May this bless someone today:


How To Build Your Platform Without God

So he said to me, “This is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel: ‘Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the Lord Almighty. “What are you, mighty mountain? Before Zerubbabel you will become level ground. Then he will bring out the capstone to shouts of ‘God bless it! God bless it!’” (Zechariah 4:6-7)

There is a busyness that we are all prone to in the work of the Lord. Though there is nothing wrong with being used of God and sharing His truths with others there is a pit of self-promotion that we can fall into.

We can act like it’s by our own strength, power and influence that we will make ourselves successful.

There can be a feverishness of activity in someone wanting to build themselves a a platform so they can promote their messages for God. Yet God’s calling and purpose could be 100 miles away from this person’s present activities.

It can seem from our perspective to have a voice in Christianity world seems impossible. Unless we have a radio show, tv program and best selling book with endorsements. Yet God says “What are you, mighty mountain?” (Zechariah 4:7). God is able to raise up any leader overnight for the entire nation to hear. With God anything is possible as we trust Him.

Sadly the Church takes it que from worldly business methods much faster then it sits at the feet of Jesus and hears the quiet promptings of the Spirit. I do not believe it is wrong to do simple steps that are practical in building a platform. Yet the dangers are great when we are fixated on these things.

It is God who gives us a platform. His sovereignty even sets up circumstances for us to be used in His plan. God is concerned with primarily with His Church and has had an eternal purpose in Christ before the foundation of the world. (Ephesians 1:9).

There is a great rest that can happen when we can trust Him for a platform and simply say to the Lord we are:

“only servants…” (1 Corinthians 3:5)

Servants are only mindful of what their masters want. That is a great test to see if you are a servant of the Lord is if you are preoccupied with what God wants not what you desire. May God keep us in His will as we desire to be used of Him to spread His Good News. Here are some practical points in summation:

1. We are only servants.

2. It is not by our strength but by God’s Spirit

3. It is God’s message, not ours.

4. Busyness does not mean success.

5. God’s ways do not always match up with worldly methods.

6. God has an eternal plan, we can trust Him in that.

7. God raises up leaders in the body of Christ.

Consider this prayer to the Lord today we seek to be useful for Him in His work:

Lord, we are so thankful for the great salvation that you have given us. We only want to show our appreciation for your love to us by doing a work for you. Please us me for your glory so that I can bring your Good News to others and share your truths. Lord please empty me of myself so I can be usable and mouldable in your hands. I accept it is your will if you will give me a platform to speak for you. Amen.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: A Confession From The Site Moderator (Greg Gordon)

"It is God who gives us a platform. His sovereignty even sets up circumstances for us to be used in His plan. God is concerned with primarily with His Church and has had an eternal purpose in Christ before the foundation of the world." (Ephesians 1:9).


I want to thank you for sharing this with the Body of Christ that reads these posts on a regular basis. I was blessed by reading what you shared in "How to Build Your Platform Without God."

One of the most difficult things for us to do as believers that sense that God is wanting to do a work through us is to wait on God, allowing His Spirit to work and accomplish His purposes through us in His own timing.

Praise God that your eyes have been opened and you have realized that you were going through a period where you were striving and not resting in the Lord.

This does not mean that we are to be passive, but to allow the Lord's life to accomplish in us and through us His good pleasure which will bring glory to God and be a blessing to the Body of Christ.



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May the Lord shine upon you and guide you, Greg. And, may the Lord help each of us to be a "Paul" -- "small" in our own eyes so that we can allow Him to do big things through us.

"God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble."
- Proverbs 3:34
- James 4:6
- I Peter 5:5


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Greg, take it for what it's worth from an 60 year young dude. I have always felt,"nothing scriptural" God would rather see us try and realize it was not from him, than not to try at all, we usually find out it's not from him, when we run out of tools.

Mr. Bill

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 Re: A Confession From The Site Moderator (Greg Gordon)

Hi! Greg Gordon

I don't pretend to know the secrets of your inner man nor of your relationship with our Lord Jesus; therefore I quietly respect the more intimate circumstances which you described.

While it is true that some Christians can seem to be much too preoccupied with working for the Lord rather than doing the works of the Lord, your narrative did not strike me as the negative. I detected only an earnestness to be faithful and true to the Lord and with the talents He has gifted you with.

Now, again I reiterate that I'm not in a position to know the hidden motives nor the spirit influences of your heart. This, after all, is only open to your heavenly Father. Yet, after reading your words and the contradictions therein which became increasingly obvious to me while reading them, I believe your insight and subsequent decision to be mistaken.

I have a personal history and journey over many years which has wrestled with similar needs, intents and accomplishing as you expressed. So, it's not as if your circumstance is foreign to me.

One of the most important items I had to learn for myself was that the evil one makes every attempt to cripple and dismantle godly efforts through inferiority and self-accusation.

If you're waiting for your person and motives to become somehow flawless before committing your efforts and talents, you're setting yourself up to be sadly disappointed. God is seeking for a willing heart ... not a perfect heart. It is in your doing that the Lord is able to refine and purify the imperfections.

And, don't believe for a minute that you are somehow so indispensable to the wheels of the visible and invisible worlds that a single ill-conceived notion or motive can interfere with God's over-all plan. It's one thing to have a boastful heart and quite another to be suffocated with such a false pride.

You are already aware that I myself structured a Bible resource Site. If you thought that I committed myself to that task because God somehow awoke me in the middle of the night with implicit plans and directions, you'd be wrong.

I simply had the confidence that God desired to use my talents and aptitudes for His glory.

A few years ago someone telephoned me about setting up a business site for them. The person was unemployed and penniless. So, I freely gave her my talents and expertise. Did God intervene in some miraculous manner for me to decide this? No. The only thing I knew was that God desired that I freely share my talents. So, I created business cards and letterhead and a WebSite for her. A year later this lady was well on her way to having a thriving business and had won the "Business Woman of the Year" Award. And, you know what? Not only did this lady insist to give me her monetary award, she has financially supported God's work at every opportunity. She too is using her talents to glorify God.

I have no intent nor desire to have a so-called 'ministry' or anything as such. I never once thought that I was somehow chosen to be some godly hero of the Internet. I don't even give a care if only three people visit the Site. I never overtly advertise it. (For instance, if you peek at my Profile here, there is no mention of my Site). The Site simply sits there day-after-day in MouseLand and is available to "whosoever will".

The Lord has always provided the money required to pay for the commercial WebHost and whatever else is needed. Month after month, various Gospel content arrives from across the world and I simply publish it with gratefulness. Two weeks ago someone arrived from Holland and gave me some literature to publish. Not only that, they volunteered to pay all my expenses to visit the Netherlands in November to attend/speak at a Bible conference there.

Gordon, plain and simple: my Site is there in MouseLand as testimony to the talents which God has so graciously given me. Nothing more than that. I glorify God by using my god-given talents to distribute His Gospel.

Gordon, I prayerfully suggest that you reconsider your decision. You have talents that the Lord can surely use.

My personal suspicion is that God desires to open this door so that He is better able to teach you deeper things about Him and His plans and purposes for you and your life. God doesn't always interrupt people's lives with a shout or hand them a specific roadmap of instructions. Oftentimes, He just uses 'common sense' (for lack of a better word). (I have the mind that God actually prefers to become known in UNdramatic ways).

Keep Smiling!

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 Re: A Confession From The Site Moderator (Greg Gordon)

Brother Greg, you are wise beyond your years, and I thank God for that. Blessings my friend for you and yours...

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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11


Dear Brethren,

Thank you for all your replies. I do believe the grace of our Lord is in this and my follies at times can be evident to all. I just felt that it was needed to explain the situation of why the blog went away to the brethren who knew about it or were visiting it.

May Christ be glorified in all that we do. And may be build Jerusalem and not bablyon as we seek to depend on the Lord alone in prayer.

I love you all, it is such a privilege to serve you brothers and sisters in these forums and on this site offering these resources to the body of Christ world-wide.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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Brother Greg you are truly a blessing in the Lord. I thank God for your availability and the things you do in the Lord to bless others.

I thought I would take a little liberty to express some of my perception of you and your ministry. I see you as a person who continues to desire to be humble before the Lord as well as pleasing to Him as you possibly can, depending on Him for everything.

If I could graciously offer you any advice it would be to consider something that I have struggled with and now seem to have more of a freedom to please God more effectively than before I discovered it. I too want to please God in everything but realized that some of my effort to please God was of me and not exactly of the Lord but more from a personal desire. When I discovered this it helped free me to be able to be more of a blessing to others. For example some of my convictions I discovered were not all that pleasing to the Lord because it handicapped me so to speak of being able to really bless others as the Lord would desire me to do. Jesus did not live by the convictions of men but only by the convictions of His Father. Jesus was always being accused by the religious leaders of His days on earth and if he had of listened to them he would have gotten distracted from listening to the voice of His Father.

I will stop for now and only pray that nothing, not religion, or any other thing will stop you from fulfilling your calling to His utmost for your life on this earth.

Blessings always…from brother rbanks

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And may (we) build Jerusalem and not Babylon!

Yes. Just so brother Greg. Just so!

Praise the Lord.



 2012/6/3 0:52

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 Re: A Confession From The Site Moderator (Greg Gordon)

I have a blog but without my name on it. I use it mostly to preach the Gospel I use twingly to link to big newspapers in my country. So every article with hellfire brimstone preaching gets 100 readers in one day.
But I also use the blog to preach to so called christian.
I post videos etc. I never feel condemned about it.

Read theese scriptures
Rom 8:28, Phil 2:13

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