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Chris I was listening to a message by Denny Kenniston last night. He was speaking about total surrender of the believer to Christ. He spoke about this in the context of the Ababaptist. But made application to today.

Brother Denny shared this. Imagine you wake up and read in your morning paper this headline. CASHLESS SOCIETY. All people have two months to comply and get a chio in their person. You are a Christian. What has been discussed in academia is now real. What are you going to do? The pretrib rapture has been shown to be false.

Maybe those FEMA camps will be found to be true and there will be more important things to be concerned about. Like enduring persecution.

Bearmaster standing down.

 2012/6/2 14:51

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I think that total surrender is a timely message today...even if you don't care to identify yourself as an "Anabaptist" or not. But it is an important Biblical concept for EVERY believer to grasp.

There is no doubt that persecution is coming. After all, we are promised tribulation in this life. Believers throughout history have endured tribulation since the time of Christ...and even the prophets under the old Covenant were killed for their faith. Hebrews 11 is filled with anecdotes about such endurance. Foxe's Book of Martyrs includes the stories of individuals who refused to bow their knee to anything or anyone other than their Savior. We should be like-minded.

Now, the notion of a "cashless society" is something that currently must be left to the imagination. Why? It isn't here (yet)...and it isn't necessarily a fulfillment of Scripture. The Scriptures speak about a "mark" that no one can buy or sell without...and how gold will be have a different value assigned to it...but this doesn't necessarily mean that there will not be any "cash" by the time the Lord returns.

It is like those who make constant suggestions about a "one world government." The Scriptures never mention such a thing. There is an indication that there will be a CONFEDERATION of governments (with a central leader over them), but there will still be wars between independent governments too. And, of course, the concept of "nations" exists throughout the Revelation.

Now, I cannot say with absolute certainty that there will be a gathering of the Bride before the time that God's wrath is poured upon the whole earth. I currently lean toward such a view, but I am quick to admit that I understand there are other possibilities. I believe that the key is to be spiritually prepared to endure anything -- including both the persecutions of men and the physical wrath of God -- and to never take our eyes off of Jesus.

Like you said, much of this is left to the imagination. However, we must guard ourselves to prevent from being given to vain imaginations. There are believers all over this world who do not have access to the "tools" and "materials" that we do and don't follow the various eschatological rabbit trails that we are sometimes prone to follow. In fact, we are not to be given over to worries about such things. All that we must do is keep our eyes on Jesus and His Word. While we can be aware about such things, we don't have to worry about what this world is conspiring to do.

The worst thing that this world can do to us is kill our bodies and send us into Eternal bliss and the joy of finally seeing the face of the One who made us. So, as Paul said, to live is Christ and to die is gain. This is true regardless of when and how it happens.


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Hi Chris,

I believe it Sweden went cashless.

Also, don't you find it interesting that Jesus was comparing the end of the age with the days of Noah?

Noah and his family were saved just before the wrath of God was poured out. Before that, Noah had to endure persecution (mocking).


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hi all,
The" mark of the beast" looks straight forward you accept a mark or not,however the mark is not a regular mark it has a spiritual side to it because it separates you from God.We know barcodes for instance cannot separate us from God.
Also another problem is this example-
A man is forceably given the" mark of the beast"-Well we know from scripture this cannot happen.(with a barcode or chip this is possible)
So whatever it is has to be accepted by us freely and have the ability to make fellowship with God impossible.
However whatever this mark is it will happen.
Yours Staff

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As I read about the end-times speculation, hoping one is interpreting scripture correctly, I am reminded of the verse in Romans 8:36: "As it is written, For thy sake we are killed all the day long; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter."

The past ten days or so, my husband's niece built a fence next to our property line in order to hold the kids (goats) she wants to sell for slaughter. When people drive into our
business they can see these kids. That is the entire idea - she wants them where the public can easily see them.

As I look at these animals, I think they are so cute; they are tame; and totally oblivious to their future. They enjoy the present because they have a caring caregiver. But they may be slaughtered before too many days and grilled in someone's barbecue pit. But they do not know it and if they could they are powerless to change that destiny.

Are we like these goats? Somehow I sense there is a lesson here for us, if we are willing to learn.

Sandra Miller

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 know this

Whenever a manditory implant is required with no religious exemption and you can not buy or sell without it and just a few refuse it just a remenant refuse it and they loose everything including their lives because they feel such a strong conviction against it no for sure it is the mark!!

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 Re: know this

Proudpapa remember Brother Denny's third message in the Anabaptist series? He spoke of total surrender to Jesus and what that would entail. One of the examples he used of total surrender to Jesus was a believer refusing to take the mark.

This may be a question that all of us will have to wrestle out before the Lord. For the American believer not accustomed to persecution it will not be an easy decision. I know it will not be easy for me.


 2012/6/2 22:38

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