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 Have you ever seen doctors dance for joy?

Have you ever seen doctors dance for joy?

By Dan Wooding in Nairobi
Founder of ASSIST Ministries
NAIROBI, KENYA (ANS) -- It was an amazing sight to see some 500 usually-somber Christian doctors and medical professionals raising their hands heavenwards and dancing in the spirit.

The Korean worship team

These medics from 37 countries were attending the 9th Annual World Christian Doctors Network "Spirituality and Medicine" Conference in Nairobi, Kenya from May 25-26, 2012.

Many of them came from all over Africa to be part of the event and so, as music plays such a role in African church life, they enjoyed leading their non-African colleagues in singing, clapping and dancing to the infectious worship music provided by a local Nairobi worship band and also a worship team from the Manmin Central Church, South Korea.

These times of worship were slotted in between a series of eight case studies of miracles that were presented with data on large screens, after which doctors were allowed to question the presenter and, if they wished, then state whether they believed this was a provable miracle, or not.

Doctors from around the world dancing to the worship music

There was 100 percent support for each one of the miracles.

On Sunday (May 27, 2012) many of the doctors were driven through the packed streets of Nairobi to the Manmin Holiness Church who were meeting in a huge tent which their sanctuary is being built, and once again, they joined in the dancing, clapping and singing.

Some 2,500 church members swayed, waved and clapped to the music and had broad smiles on their faces as they saw doctors doing the same.

One doctor from Liberia said, "We here in Africa love to worship God with joy, and we hope our more formal colleagues have enjoyed joining in with us. We spend so much of our time during our work day dealing with very difficult situations and so this has been a wonderful way to be able to worship the Lord in this way and also forget about the cases we are dealing with."

The conference itself was a unique investigation in miracles and the many doctors from countries as diverse as Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Uganda, Vietnam, the Democratic Republic of Congo, the former Soviet Union, all believe in praying for their sick patients - with their permission of course.

"We believe that a miracle should be provable from a medical standpoint," said one doctor. "That is why we allow our peers to examine the evidence and then question the doctor making the presentation so they can then decide for themselves if this is a real miracle or not."

So do miracles still happen today or, as some believe, has the age of miracles passed? The answer from these doctors was a resounding yes, they still occur today!

WCDN is an interdenominational organization composed of Christian Medical Professionals of the World. WCDN says that it wants to "motivate the Christian Medical Professionals to reflect the love of Jesus Christ and to be a witness for Him in their professional life."

It has been announced that next year's conference will be in Mexico City,.

Source: (ANS)


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