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 It matters...

Can you imagine the depth and magnitude of pain you would feel if your young child was stolen from you, and you had no idea what horrors they were encountering, day by day? Had they died in your arms, difficult and painful as that would be, it would be far better in some ways than if your child had been stolen in the market place or store when you were not watching. And now, you have to live daily with the agony of not knowing where they are, or what hideous darkness they’re being subjected to. The steady flow of tears and anguish would be unavoidable, for any parent who has learned to love. “What a GHASTLY thought,” to quote JB Phillips. Ghastly, sickening, crushing, never-ending—in the natural sense.

Do you realize that this is the anguish that we put our Father through, when we wander off from Him into “our own worlds” without staying connected to Him in the affairs and decisions and moments of life—or when we live in continued sin, un-repented of? When we leave His side for other things, other unsaved relationships, other affections, other diversions, other traps of ego or pleasure or time—internet wandering, wasteful “entertainment,” or the like?

THIS pain, as with any parent who loves his or her young child, is the crushing pain that our Father feels for the darkness we are subjecting ourselves to, when we are willing to do that to Him and to ourselves, and to the Saints of God, His Family and the Body of His Son.

Argggghhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unthinkable and boundless torment and distress we place upon a Father’s heart, when we live like that. Oh how it MATTERS to Him when we are stolen from His side, and subjected to the darkness of this present age, subtle forms or not!


Reading through this letter that was shared I realized I had never thought of things in this way. I never really sat down and looked from the FATHERS perspective what HE must feel every time I step away from the narrow path and set out to live life on my own terms. GOD doesn't shove me out into the world and say, get out there kid, make your way in the world it builds character. NO! HE lovingly holds me close and guides me because unlike me HE can see the dangers along the way that will bring me harm spiritually. Like a selfish brat I take off on my own with out thought or regard to the pain I inflict upon my LORD. Worse yet HE sees as I willfully step back into the world and sinfully turn my back to HIM. How it must cause HIM such pain knowing the consequence my folly will cause me, sorrows and pain that I will bring upon myself. Images, thoughts, relationships, situations, worries, and wasted time that I will have brought on my self because of my refusal to love HIM and obey..."FATHER please forgive me.Please help me to really see how my living for self, how my running away affects YOU so that I will be cut to the heart and behave as I profess with my words, as one who loves YOU and longs to be with YOU!!

God Bless

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