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The first time I fasted was to find out from the Lord what should be said in a church discipline matter. The pastor and elders fasted for 3 days. I had never gone without a meal up until that time. All I consumed was water. As the time went on, my body became weak, and all I could think of was poor old me. Then on the third day, the Lord gave me a thought to pursue. It was a time of quite joy.

After that I fasted once a week for a brother who has Lou Gerig's disease. At first, it was a good time. But, after a while I must confess that it became more of a ritual than a time of meeting God.

As a side note. About the time I began fasting once a week, I had taken a cholesteral test. My count was something like 215. My doctor wanted me to take the drug Lipotor. I purchased the prescription, but never took the drug. About 6 months later I went to see my doctor about another issue. At that time he made me take another cholesteral test. This time my count had dropped to 169. I was no longer required to take the drug. So, I believe there is much treasure to be found in the ways of God's laws for His creation. There are many benefits that we know nothing about. But it is all there in His Holy Scriptures.

In Christ

Jeff Marshalek

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Thank you all so much. i really feel like God is leading me in a fast for direction in a few areas. so far it has been a time of humility because i see how terrible my flesh can be. i have had some uncalled for outbursts of anger and God has revealed some serious ugliness in me that is indeed very humbling. nevertheless, as Isa. declares, my health shal spring forth, i take that to me in the spiritual sense as well as the ability to experience the natural benifits of it. those, however are all just a blessing bonus. God has given me some direction piece by piece and as i continue to do as he instructs, i know i will get the answer i seek, not because im seeking the answer, but because i seek the answer giver. so, please pray for me as i will for you all. :-)


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