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 A Titanic Disaster is Coming by Steve Gallagher

Exhortation from Brother Gallagher to the saints to repent and seek God.

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Brother, I wanted to thank you and Brother Steve for this message.
Although, I am very happy [I just found out last night], that my Pastor will be sharing for the whole months of June, July and August about finding "Jesus in The Old Testament" [Bless GOD, that 'was' the purpose of the Who is The LORD thread - but they'll mail me the CDs] -- I also wish more leaders would cover this topic as this Pastor Gallagher has in this video.

I felt as I prayed just now before signing on, to share a testimony about the 'keeping' power of GOD.

When I was a 3 yrs old babe in Christ [I figure I may be an adolescent now] and still believing in the most common eschatological belief --- for a short time I was living with a sister from my AoG Church. She had a few horses and one day she took out the biggest and oldest horse and rode him around in circles until he was panting and lathered up. I was in tears watching from inside the house, but I feared saying anything to her - figuring she knew more about horses and about him being that age than I did.
Anyhow - as she was done and had him tied off in the barn to take off his saddle, I went out there bare-footed to see if I could help 'him' at all. He was mad at her [me too - though I didn't let her know at all] - so because he was mad [and smart] he wanted to hurt someone in return, so he got on my bare foot and wouldn't get off. His weight on that one foot was incredible but I understood his frustration as we both tried to get him off of my foot but couldn't. We finally realized he wasn't going to budge so I yanked my foot out from under his hoof. With that, it pulled out three of my toe nails from the big toe on and it was all but broke bloodied up.
The pain was indescribable. I put on a strong front in front of the sisters that came afterward but excused myself to go up to my room so they wouldn't see my pain. I only thought of hiding from them and had nothing else on my mind but to not be seen by them.
As I got to the threshold of my room, the Presence of The LORD was at the threshold as I had never experienced anything that powerful before. It was a once in a lifetime for me to this day. I've felt His Presence in other ways but this was the most real and unexpected event. So I entered the room reverently and could only lay on the bed and see why HE would manifest in such a way and just bask in that incredible event. The pain was still there, I knew - but His Presence was so strong that it didn't matter anymore. After not too many minutes - He spoke something that I had never given a thought to. He spoke clearly but not audibly - "THIS is what it will be like, during the persecution."
I was awe struck. What He was saying was that His Presence is with those that will and are going through the pain of persecution - even though I had never even considered persecution for us, at that time. Awed is the only word that I can describe my feeling of that experience.
It was probably a few years later that a Preacher explained this verse in a message - 1Pe 4:14 If ye be reproached for the name of Christ, happy are ye; **for the spirit of glory and of God resteth upon you**: on their part he is evil spoken of, but on your part he is glorified.

The preacher said that, when we are persecuted - the *Shekinah Glory* will rest on us and I sure did/do believe every word that preacher said. Oh, Bless His Mighty Name in Glory!

HE is worthy of all that we are and have and can give or offer to Him!
Bless Him with adoration and Praise!

He loves us, Brother - as you know.
Thank you!!

 2012/6/1 14:40

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 Re: Encouragement

Thankyou very much for sharing this story, indeed it is very encouraging to hear.

I have a witness in my spirit that these days ahead are going to get harder, and as a result our dependance & faith on the Lord should grow stronger. Persucution is just around the corner for the western world, and I believe that this time of grace before it comes, is preperation for his true remnant church to prepare us in faith to be able to stand when it comes.
Some big event is just around the corner and when it happens, it will change everything.

He is coming to seperate the wheat from the chaff.
He is coming to spew out lukewarm or cold Christians from his mouth.
Watered down teaching is not going to stand, prosperity preachers are not going to know what to do, and the apostate church is going to be taken by suprise.

But Christs remnant, ( praise God ) Will be ready and able to stand strong in thoses days.

Persucution is coming, but so is our Bridegroom.

please share if you feel this way also, and what your thoughs are as I feel very strongly on the above points.


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Dan 11:32 ".... but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits."

Yes, I do agree Brother Peter, that what you feel and wrote is surely Scriptural. The apostate church will do whatever is necessary to stay alive - even turn on us - but we'll be given Eternity to talk with Jesus about how our lives went, when we're seated around His Throne Forever, and won't it be worth whatever it takes to secure that permanant seat. I sure am in a hurry to get there, Brother - but in the meantime - ""Some big event is just around the corner and when it happens, it will change everything - and I believe that this time of grace before it comes, is preparation for his true remnant church to prepare us in faith to be able to stand when it comes."" Amen.

It will be gloriously, unspeakably worth whatever devotion and sacrifices we give for Him, to see Him as He is and to be like Him. Eternity is Forever - so it's time for all to come out of the valley of decision.
Thank you for your message, Brother. It's encouraging, though the most serious topic that ever was or ever will be.

"Oh to be like Him"

Blessings, Brother Peter!

 2012/6/1 23:59

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Forgot to mention, what a great video by Brother Steve Gallenger.

Thankyou Jesus-is-GOD for your reply.


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