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 the greatests question

brother and sisters ,,,what is the greastest question ,you can sinceraly ask your self ,and god ,,,,,,,,brethern if god gave you an answer would it be like this ,,,,

god answerd my question tonight

i think the real question is can even christan ministery and fellowship in places like face book and other fourms ,,wreak, or disrupt ,or stagnate ,a mariage relationship ,with jesus ,,can we put to much time in good things like this ,and neglect plaine bible study medataion,,and secrect prayer which results in a spirirt impowered life ,a excelarated growth in grace ,toward high degrees of maturety and denile of thin fleshly membrains that rest as a vail over our heart ,,a maturing denile of self gratafication to the highest or ever increasings degrees ,,in other words geting our prioritys right ,,

does this persute of fellowship in this way become a secret idol ,because of our over emphesis of gods blessings of gifts and presious fellowship,,,and can it become our darling sin ,,that we will hold on to for years in place of ,in this state ,borderline unimagenable ,fellowship ,in such an intament way ,that may not have even noen by us ,even in our new birth ,,is there a bibical ever increasing mystical union with christ that we push away ,in place of secondary gifts and godliy blessings ,,,,%%%%%

for me that answwer is yes

presious beloved brothers and sisters ,,,,can i ask you ,do you think ,,god is calling you ,into an utter denile of all earthly pleasures ,,and god givern libertys ,,and even fellow ship an even ministery ,,for season according to the lords good plesure,,,,



till we be endured with a greater power from on high

for me the answer is yes he is

brothers and presious siters ,,i call upon you in the name of mighty name of jesus in the spirit of faith

to pray for me

and for one to another,,for an ever increasing conviction of our need for ever increasing power ,and a flesh desolveing ,revalation of the preasence of eloi ,eloi ,eloi

the thrice holy ,,and for an heart shifting abiding expectation ,,of an ever increasing intamant mariage union,that moves towards a oneness ,that is unknowen to us ,,,,,moving towards infenet oneness ,and an unspeakable knowing him ,in the near future ,,wile we are in this tabanacal

that we might fine our selfs on that holy mountaint sholder to sholder ,with the one who died for us


will you walk with me

out side the gate baring his reproch

will you come to the foot of the cross afresh

and drink his blood
and eat his flesh

will you come with me to die with him and hold my hand

will you walk with me into his tomb ,and stare at the mercy seat ,and hear the angles voice

will you with me cast aside our differencees

and be immersed in the reality of the resarected lord

and stay hear for a wile ,for a season ,,,,

leaving our darling sins at the cross

will you come a fresh with me to the cross of christ

where our joy was born
and our peace dawned
and the mercy of christ was scorned
will you sit with me at is feet for a time and a time

and come and give him thanks

and stare at glory of the lamb

wile we look across to one another just for a glance for a seconed or two ,,,,,,

and then fix our eyes upon the son of the living god

will you come to this place with me soon ,,verry soon ,,

when we wake tomorrow ,will you remind me of my lord what he did for us ,,for me an undeserving sinner ,,

will you

will you tell me what he did for us

will you call me to secret prayer tomorrow

and the next day ,and the next

come let us rember the lords death till he comes

come let us have faith and remember

help me for sake my self for his sake

for soon he will come ,with a,shout

with the voice of an acrkangle

with the trumpet call of god

let us be glaring at the christ ,,when he comes

and glancing at one another in love

blessings ,,brother gary

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