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 Honestly how often and long do YOU Pray? (In Time increments)

I’m not trying to steal your treasure.
I do not want you to boast but humbly share with me an honest time in a day that you pray ON AVERAGE.



So how long in a day on average do you pray?
That's the Question.
What’s your answer?

PS. my answer is not enough. About 10 minutes a day usually while I eat. If you don't count eating prayers, then maybe 5 min a day.


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 Re: Honestly how often and long do YOU Pray? (In Time increments)

I find this to be an interesting question for many reasons. But mainly as I pounder my verbal moments spent in prayer I find it really hard to seperate verbal, mind, driving, & eating prayer. As I pray, I openly talk to God and this happens at any number of places through out the day both verbal and non-verbal, both private and not private.

To answer your question & with these things in mind: 1.5hours

I think the best way to discribe my prayer life is to look at it as a seamless flow or at least I desire it to be such.

Lee Casterline

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I think it is unfair that I cannot include prayer when I am driving! That cuts it down quite significantly! :-) In all honesty my actual prayer time does vary from say 5 mins - 25 mins from day to day but I would say the average is probably 10 mins. I always do this before bed as I am hopeless in the morning and tend to keep falling asleep (hence why I sometimes pray in the car on the way to work!) I don't suppose I can count prayer whilst excercising? If so then it would be more. I tend to pray in bits sometimes rather than in one big go but, on reflection I guess I really need to spend much more time listening!

 2005/2/9 5:08

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 Re: Honestly how often and long do YOU Pray? (In Time increments)

You got me going brother. Tried to answer this and ended up with a whole sermon :-P

So, the short answer is, it varies, hours, minutes... No form or pattern. Up quite early, all kinds of goofy hours. Wouldn't even know how to average it out. Some days what seems like ten minutes can be an hour and a half.

To be fair to your question here, thought it best to move my ramblings elsewhere and broaden it as I found it difficult to separate things even though I truly understand what you meant here.

Will link back to it in a moment...
[url=]Thoughts on Prayer[/url]

Mike Balog

 2005/2/9 10:32Profile

 Re: Honestly how often and long do YOU Pray? (In Time increments)

my situation in life allows me to go to secret prayer multilple times a week as He leads, I have that luxury, and it is a luxury indeed. I hestitate to put a number or a time frame on it, specifically because there would be an element of religious boasting blah blah!

One of the elements of the Lord that I have been specifically meditating on is this, "Jesus in me", the Lord in me. I can't describe it, because it feels that to describe it, I would be attempting to wrap my feeble intellect around a Subject and a Concept that is so towering as to stymy description.

Jesus in me.

another I been thinking about is this; I love incense, love the smell of high class incense, like hawaiian plumeria, or frankincense, and now when I light it, sometimes when I DO go to secret prayer unto Him, the incense to me, represents the prayers of the saints, and when I smell incense, away from the ministry of prayer, it now reminds my soul of the collective prayers of the saints, cascading up to Heaven, a pleasing aroma unto Him, sacrificial...

the same thing with ice cold drinking water on a parched throat....."Thank you Jesus, you are the Living Water from whence I will NEVER thirst again"...its rare I dont drink ice cold drinking water out of a bottle and dont think of the Lord of my life.

Its a Communion that goes on thruout the day, and it involves the elements of my life in this world, water, bread, incense, even the wind blowing thru the trees, as He said, "you hear the wind, and you do not know where it came from, or where its going"......

Even this post I write to you is a form of prayer, a form of communion, we're so seperated and detached, yet for the Glory of God, He is redeeming the internet, and using it and brothers like Greg to bring together the saints.

Much love to you, my hometown is Chicago, and God willing I will be going back in Oct or Nov to work there.

If you ever wanna set a time for collective prayer, pm me...theres another brother(?) here by the moniker of PJ who likes to pray at 4 am..check the thread, maybe we all can come before the Lord in one body....maybe.

 2005/2/9 11:26

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