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Joined: 2005/1/23
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 Hello everyone :)

I have been comming to this site for a while now, but havent used the forums yet.

I just want to say hello to everyone my names Caleb, im 20 and from New Zealand.

I have been very challenged and encoraged,by many sermons that i have downloaded from this site, and i just want to say thanks alot for providing such an awesome site.

The sermons/testimonys that have effected me the most have been.

Jacky pullinger - testimony.
Leonard ravenhill - judgement seat of christ
- what is your life
- interview
Keith daniel - finished with the world.
The revival hymm - haha very cool(whos the first dude one there? and where can i get the rest of that message?)

Any recommendations of more great sermons would be cool.

God bless.

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Independence, Missouri

 Re: Hello everyone :)

Hi Caleb,

There is a complete transcript of the Revival Hymn [url=]HERE.[/url]

Ten Shekels and a Shirt is a must hear.

Welcome to Sermonindex!

God Bless,


Robert Wurtz II

 2005/2/9 8:12Profile

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 Re: hello

Hi Caleb,

Glad to have you here at SI. I would second the suggestion of Ten Shekels and a Shirt (if you haven't heard it yet).

Be blessed today!

In Him, Chanin


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Joined: 2004/7/9
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The Netherlands

 Re: Hello everyone :)

Hey Caleb,

Great to have you on board :-> That first [b]dude[/b] is Ian Paisley...I just discovered a new compilation from him also:

[url=]You go and preach it![/url]

I couldn't make the final link, but you can find the compilation on this page..."search with CTRL+F and you will find" (Computer 1:1):-P

Lets keep our eyes on Jesus...people need to see Him, not us!

Your same-age-brother in Christ,



 2005/2/9 11:47Profile

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The Netherlands

 Re: Hello everyone :)

Hey Caleb,

i love to hear that you are so encouraged and that sermons had an effect on your life. SI is really a blessing :-)

yeah like DezCall (my brotha) wrote, same age, altough in a few months becomeing a year older:-P

But i love the sermons of Leonard Ravenhill, affected me also, and he has some great statements.

Are We Willing To Drink His Cup is also a powerful message, that God has given him.

you can find, [url=]video[/url], [url=]audio[/url], [url=]audio transcription[/url]

your brother in Christ!



 2005/2/9 12:32Profile

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 Re: Hello everyone :)

Hi brother Celeb,
Great to see you here. I am always encouraged when I could see young fellows on my age like you burning for God.
Open your heart and be changed and blessed!

Any recommendations of more great sermons would be cool.

You can check Keith Daniel, Leonard Ravenhill, Duncan Campbell, David Wilkerson - you'll be blessed.

Your brother,

 2005/2/9 14:47Profile

Joined: 2006/4/5
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 Re: Hello everyone :)

gbu friend in christ i am from america,, my name is paula burns, am 51 and inlove with the lord, may the lord bless each and every step you take for him amen :-)

 2006/4/11 9:23Profile

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