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 Spiritual Principles In Running A Successful Blog by Greg Gordon

This is really one of my first blog posts and it is overwhelming knowing where to start. I can imagine many people who are desiring to start a blog and have a blank template and “new post” window open and their minds are as blank as the screen looks. At first the thought of starting a blog seemed like a task that was to large to begin or undertake.

I owe a great debt to Frank Viola who has been one that helped me get my mind around the power of a blog “done right” and seeing it in action. Frank’s list of Advice for Bloggers is highly recommended also and a great help personally.

Also another blog that I have been following toward seeing how a blog can help build a platform is Micheal Hyatt’s blog. His new book that was just released: Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World really speaks towards how a blog can be successful if it is built around a niche.

Though I am very new to blogging I am going to add my short list of items that I have felt will make a successful blog:

1. Focus on Others and Jesus Christ – The focus needs to be on encouraging others in the body of Christ. If the blog is just set on personal promotion soley it will not be blessed of the Spirit of God because the Spirit of God is given to bless others in the body of Christ (Ephesians 4:7). And to have the focus on Jesus Christ always will keep the blog fruitful in my mind.

2. Faithful In The Small Things - The spiritual principle of being faithful in small tasks will be required in having a successful blog. The tedious work of posting even small updates daily even when it is something you do not feel like doing, is essential. Every following begins small. Jesus began with 12 disciples.

3. Quality not Quantity - To me it seems the most important task will be providing content that is of quality so that others will consider it valuable to bookmark the site, and to help spread the content to others.

4. Eternal Mindset - A personal motivation and burden has been to write blog posts with an eternal mindset. This means that it is not just to get more people to follow the blog or have a large following as the goal in mind. Rather the goal is to see people impacted for eternity in their walks with Jesus Christ.

5. Humbleness and Humility - I believe many in our day are not looking for people to preach at them dogmatic truths that they could find in a systematic theology book. Rather people are looking for “truth” that works, that has been tested in the fire of experience. So to post with a sense of humility, openness and being honest with experiences and faults will provide people will a sense of “this works” and it is not something that cannot be applied to them.

6. Promoting Others - Though in the first point I touched on this but it will be an personal goal of this blog to help promote others also and to see (especially in the interviews) the treasure and gifting of the entire body of Christ. Not just the opinions of one specific mindset and viewpoint. We can learn from anyone if we have the right humble attitude to learn and be teachable.

7. Open to Correction And Suggestions - A blog is not just a personal pulpit but in the right sense of the term it is also an open forum for people to interact with the author and give suggestions and feedback. It is hard to receive sometimes criticism but it is essential to at least learn from the feedback of others in your blog posts. And even better to receive back some testimonies of how God touched lives through your blog posts.

I hope a few of these points can be helpful and I will be definitely learning as I progress in this journey with blog writing.


SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: Spiritual Principles In Running A Successful Blog by Greg Gordon

I have had my own blog now for 4 years and what I always wanted was something rich, rich in Christ. I would like each post to be something that is eternally relevent and that it be fresh manna. Sometimes I post several posts in a month, other times I post maybe just two or three things. I know that this defies conventional wisdom of the "how to" crowd but the Lord has richly blessed me.

Of all your points Greg, I see number three as the most important. May the Lord bless the work of His hand..........bro Frank

 2012/5/22 14:57

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 Re: Spiritual Principles In Running A Successful Blog by Greg Gordon

Interesting Greg. good stuff.

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