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 Man Made Mess not Gods Judgement

Hi All,
I want to share this with you.While listening to economic gloom and doom news today God quickened this into my mind.
The present economic crisis particularly here in Europe is a Man Made Mess rather than a God inspired Judgement.
The economic system we have today is a man made system and for the most part excludes God.It is because of his exclusion that we have the mess today.God could of course Judge the worlds economic system but it will fall anyway because God is not involved.
Just think about it the problems we have now aren't due to world wide pestilence or Flooding or Famine it is due to a system created by imperfect man that as become so complicated that the least little problem in one part of the world causes a bigger problem thousands of miles away.It is due not to tangible problems like flood or famine or even wars but intangible things like market confidence and confidence that a small piece of paper is worth x amount.Throw into this our tendency for corruption and greed and failure is guaranteed.The system has just followed the natural path when we are involved decay and death.
I hope that I have brought across this to you correctly,
Yours Staff

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 Re: Man Made Mess not Gods Judgement

Hi Staff,

This is something I was considering and I want to know your thoughts about this. Perhaps men ruling by the force of their own reason IS a judgment of God and the mess is the result?

What do you think?

SI Moderator - Jeremy Hulsey

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I would agree with you both.


 2012/5/17 22:21

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Hi Hulsey,
I guess God can say if thats what they want then let them at it knowing that a mess will ensue.
If I highlight again Europe is not at war,no famine,no flood and no disease either the mess is caused by man,staff

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Politics, the love for power, buying favors that will endear them to the masses...ah, what a reaping because there is a payday a-coming and who will pay the bill? From what I read this led to the downfall of Rome...

The lust for power has its own rewards as all lusts do. The law of sowing and reaping has never been canceled.

Sandra Miller

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"...who will pay the bill? From what I read this led to the downfall of Rome.."

everyone is paying the bill. Remember 2008, semi-stock market crash?

Got that one ever resolved? No, it was totally swept under the carpet. Part 2 of that same scenario will be served shortly, the same people still run the show today.

If anyone wants to know what actually happened back in 2008 there is an very interesting DVD documentary in your local DVD store. It got first-hand interviews with all the top people involved. Everyone is in there, and it's really interesting what they have to say.

The film is titled "inside Job" directed by Charles Ferguson

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god taking away the knowlage of him regarding the human race ,,,the fall of man ,,is a judgment from god

with out the blessing of god ,,man is under the judgment of god ,thats wye he is not under the blessing of god

all tho they new god
they did not glorafie god
but became futile in there thoughts
so god gave them over to a debased mind

the prince and the power of the air ,which is the spirit that works in the children of disobedance

this debased mind operates the world system
the whole world is under the sway of the evil one
because god gave them over ,and pulled away his blessing

this is the judment of god

he who does not believe
is condemed allready

the world sysyem is already condemed,and jugded in a real scence ,but not a final scence

tho god is calling out a people for him self who are the elect of god ,these will hear his voice and follow him

romns5;18 there for through ONE mans offence ;JUDGMENT ;came to all men ,resulting in condemnation

the world sysytem has been jugded and will be judged ,and forever will be jugded

ohh come lord jesus ,and be mercyfull to us ,,,amen

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