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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : End Times Prophecy Expert, TBN Host Grant Jeffrey Dead at 64

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 End Times Prophecy Expert, TBN Host Grant Jeffrey Dead at 64

Grant Jeffrey, a Canadian Bible teacher known as an expert on Bible prophecies, an advocate of dispensationalism and host of TBN's "Bible Prophecy Revealed," passed away over the weekend after a cardiac arrest. He was 64.

SI Moderator - Jeremy Hulsey

 2012/5/15 14:59Profile

 Re: End Times Prophecy Expert, TBN Host Grant Jeffrey Dead at 64

Grant Jeffrey always came off with a ton of integrity to me. His TV ministry was always biblical and straitforward, and he never strayed past Fundamental Evangelistic Doctrine into the WOF and Prosperity teachings that TBN is known for promoting.

I liked him, and he will be missed; a good Baptist brother.

 2012/5/15 16:28

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Charlotte, NC


I like how he made a fortune tying the end times into the Y2K bug, and then when nothing of which he said came true, going under ground for a while until everybody forgot who he was. My family sent him quite a few dollars.

Jimmy H

 2012/5/15 18:20Profile

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 Re: End Times Prophecy Expert, TBN Host Grant Jeffrey Dead at 64

A great bible teacher who will be sadly missed.

'The Signature of God' was a very good dvd which helped with the conversion and commitment of people in my family back to Christ.

Also a more recent book of his " The Global Warming Deception", was a very interesting read. A book I would recommend to anyone.

Thankyou to all the help and guidence over the years, now with the Lord.


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God used one of his books early on in my christian walk to build faith in the fulfilled prophecies of the coming messiah in which our saviour Jesus Christ fulfilled. I believe he had a great contribution to the kingdom of God and was used of the Lord for His purposes.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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Brothers, I agree with all of your comments about our dear brother. He made the subject of prophesy fancinating and stuck with the scriptures.



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