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 The Miracle in Iran

What do you think of when the name of Iran is mentioned? Amadinajab? Nuclear weapons? Enemy to Israel? Islamic extremism? Do you think of a gospel movenent second only to China?

In 1979 there were fewer than 500 believers in Iran. Prior to this time there was very little gospel penetration into Iran or Persia as it was more commonly known. In 1979 the Shaw was overthrown and Islamic extremist took over the country. For all practical purposes one could say that the gospel was dead in Persia. With the birth if Islamic extremism in Persia the gospel had no chance to flourish.

Yet, as in China, oppression created a hunger for something mire authetic in the lives of the people. Political and religious oppression gave rise to the spread of the gospel. What Islam could not do, Jesus was doing in the hearts of the people. Iranians were finding reality in Christ through dreams, visions, Internet and satellite broadcast. Thousands were responding to the gospel.

Voice of the Martyrs estimates about several hundred a day come to Christ in Iran. Estimates France that the believing church to have 100,000 to 1,000,000 beoevers. This is hard to verify because of the oppression in Iran. But the gospel is moving and people are coming to Christ. Most converts are young, under 30 who are chafing under oppression. But finding life in Christ.

The Iranian leadership is concerned about hee gospel spread. They regard the spread of the gospel as a threat to Islam. As such the church is intensly persecuted. Believers are jailed, put in prison, some even martyred. But the gospel still grows.

Many Iranians are praying that Iran will become the first Christian nation in the Middle East. I cannot help but wonder if God will hear and answer their prayers.

This dear saints is The miracle occurring in Iran.

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 2012/5/15 13:01

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 Re: The Miracke in Iran

Thank you for this report of the move of God that is going on in Iran. These believers risk their lives daily because they follow Jesus Christ. There are many reports in Iran and other Muslim countries of the Lord appearing to them through visions and dreams of Jesus. Continue to pray for these dear saints, and the pastor that is still being held in prison for his faith in Christ. His lawyers have been convicted of various crimes and have been sentenced to prison.

“The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church” Tertullian



 2012/5/15 17:17Profile


Anen brother. Anen. Will be praying for Brother Youcef, his attorney, and the suffering church in Iran.


 2012/5/15 17:25


Even if one excepts the conservative estimate of 100,000 believers in Iran. To think there were only 500 believers back in 1979. In a little over 30 years that is a remarkable move by God. Truly the Holy Spirit is doing something amazing in these end times.


 2012/5/15 22:45

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