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 Integration or Disintegration by Alan Martin

The goal of Christ is to make His followers “perfect in one”, and through this the world will recognize the love bonding them together and come to believe that the Father sent Him. Jesus also gave some to be apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers for this “integration”, and to equip those who are being “integrated” for works of service so that His body can be built up.

Are we being “integrated” with our fellow believers? Sadly, many professing Christians are becoming more “dis-integrated” and d s-connected with their brothers and sisters in Christ. Isolation from fellow believers is a “dis-location” problem in the body of Christ. The church by is built up through the knitting together of the joints that not only connect saints together, but more importantly supply the love by which Christ’s body builds itself up.

How do we recognize whether we are becoming more “integrated” or “disintegrated”? Here are some questions that might help with a self-examination:

Do we have more confidence in or caution towards other people in our lives?

Do we have greater appreciation for or increasing apprehension of others around us?

Are we seeing more things to question or qualities to appreciate in those we fellowship with?

Are we growing more hesitant with others are becoming ever more hopeful for them?

Are the “connections” with others being strengthened or starting to “dis-connect” more and more?

I hope by these sample questions we can examine where we are in the process of “integration.” Those who are not “integrating” are quite likely “disintegrating”. Those who are “disintegrating” with their fellow believers have likely lost connection with the head of the body and are equally “disintegrating” inwardly. Love waxes strong towards “integration” with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Love waxing cold begins in an inward “disintegration” of fellowship with Christ and soon manifests itself in an increasing “disintegration” in relationships with other believers around them.

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