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Brother rbanks, I'm too old to have to spit out bones, just to get a few good points, when the Bible goes down so smoothly, in and of itself.

I quoted two whole paragraphs that were negligent things for a undershepherd of His Sheep to say.

Don't ask me to compromise the young in Christ to teachers that expect you to follow them as they ignore the preachers of false gospels.

The teachers I've sat under for over 3 decades would not let any of us be deceived by false prophets or false teachers. They LOVED the sheep more than themselves and suffered persecution for being That protective of us. They took Paul's words seriously about protecting the lambs. Didn't go for this "unity at all costs, at the expense of a sound gospel".
Deception is running rampant and the majority are being deceived by these that Sproul doesn't want us to talk about.

What a lax mind-set has crept in since the early 70's. This mind-set is unrecognizable compared to the teachings and diligence to sound doctrine that the Apostles kept, to the Death.

I want no part of this slip-shod mind-set and it does Not compare to your lady with the Easter Bulletin. Bad comparison to The Gospel being compromised.

I get no "blessings" from non-protective of the true Gospel 'shepherds'. Calling discernment of true teachers from false is not "gossip".

It takes more 'Love' for Him to defend His Truth than to compromise His Gospel for some sweet sounding words.

Yes, I'm from the old school and will not compromise His Gospel to appear to be a 'nice' person to those that think I'm not. He died for this Gospel that this man is asking us to Not Protect.

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I get it sister Ann!

That's why I eat flounder at my brother in Christ restaurant because he fillets them and gets all the bones out and sister they are excellent. I hate spitting out bones but my dad now he eats spots and trout and just tears them things up while pulling bones out like crazy from his mouth never missing a stroke and I don't know how he does it. He is 75 years old and he just amazes me sometimes at what he is still doing in getting up sometimes 6 days a week at 3:30 in the morning working at the turkey plant. He loves the Lord and he gets out of working on Sunday most of the time and drives almost an hour an a half every other week for him and mom to come and join me in a local church service.

Blessings to you...from brother rbanks

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Can you tell me what is wrong with a "Teacher" saying the following .... "This is what the Bible says is the Gospel and here are the verses to prove it out. --- And this is what Joel Olsteen or Rich Warren teaches. ---- And this is the discrepency between what Olsteen teaches and The Word teaches. --- And this is the discrepency between what Warren is teaching and what The Word says."

I dont think that is what RC Jr was saying, Ann. I think a football analogy is in order here... in football the runningback breaks lose and begins to charge down field with the ball tucked under his arm. A linebacker for the opposing defense charges after the runningback... and lays the wood to him. He tackles the guy, and the ref blows the whistle and the play is dead. It's over.

...but 2 seconds later another linebacker jumps onto the runningback and linebacker already on the ground. Then the safety jumps on the pile... and then the defensive end...etc... until there are 11 defenders laying on top of the runningback.

In football it's called "piling on". Flags fly all over the field and the defense is penalized.

RC Jr is not saying we should not compare these guys teachings and give warning. He is saying we should avoid piling on... and getting our kicks from watching big name preachers crumble and fall and then get beat up by our favorite discernment ministry or blogger.


 2012/5/3 12:56


Amen and Amen brother rbanks. I like the way you responded: very fresh, real and alive.

I saved this post on "Someone is Wrong on the Internet" for future readings...

I am reminded of Jackie Pullinger’s words about how she reached the unreached peoples of the Walled City in Hong Kong: “So I learned that it was important not to say the words that nobody could understand. Why would anyone understand the words ‘Jesus loves you.’ I mean, if they do not know who Jesus is and nobody has ever loved them… So, I had to be Jesus to them rather than say the words.”

 2012/5/3 13:00


Ah sigh, Krispy. Maybe if you read it a few more times. I'm sorry if some of us are not 'critical' but trained in diciphering [language] what's truly being said and it does take decades to learn how words work, sentence placement, etc..
And besides, I'm still rotfl at your last comment on that elections thread. I can't stop laughing at that one, Friend.
GOD Bless you. Yep, living in Senior Housing is a trip.
Speaking of trips ... I have a practice of posting than walking away from the computer to do whatever is needed and talking to The LORD at the same time - THANK GOD HE's There to Talk to! --- Glory to GOD ... and just a minute ago, while off and doing that - I got an analogy as a mind picture of the hippie days and how it reminds me of this last few yrs in the church. I saw a glassy eyed hippie, giving the 'peace' sign with his two fingers, saying "Peace and Love" with that same lame smile that all pot smokers get.
Oy Vey - it shook me to the core - no kidding. The church is in danger from a similar spirit -- that's like an opiate state and with a counterfeit "love & peace" devoid of truth - compared to the selfless-sacrificial zeal for His Truth of the Apostles.

Yup, he was talking about Warren being given a podium by what's his name and anyone that doesn't know Warren's global agenda and involvement in that global agenda, needs to think twice about how they excuse these things.

Well, back to my rocking chair and take some Geritol.

Blessings, Friend :)

 2012/5/3 13:26


I have to admit... sometimes I do have difficulty understanding what you're saying. Probably has more to do with me than you...

Oh well... moving on. Is that your dentures in that cup over there?? lol


 2012/5/3 13:33

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I would like to say firstly after reading through the entire thread I was a little saddened by some of the the speaking against each other and so much questioning of the motives of the author of the post or the message. I believe only 1-2 brothers caught on to comment that everyone is missing the point of the thread which was to question our own communications on the internet and if we had sin in our lives. I believe R.C. Sproul Jr's comments are not just good they are needful and they hit quite close to home in my own heart.

In many ways this thread typifies the article he wrote and shows the dangerous on open forums where anyone can have a public audience with their opinions. My desire and prayer to God is that the SermonIndex forums could be a place of such love, grace, mercy, preferring others before ourselves that there would be a testimony of Christ in every post and thread.

Such posting much be thoughtful, prayerful and full of Christ's love. May God truly speak to each of our hearts. I have personally repented of many years of just slandering and speaking evil against ministries and names of which I never got to even met those involved. We can demonize an entire ministry or minister for just one facet of belief they have for a season in their life.

May God give us a true eternal perspective on our contributions here on the site.

Also I recommend for the review of the saints here is the New 'SermonIndex Community Guiding Principles':

we are going to lock the thread on this subject and we ask everyone to re-read the original post and ask the Lord is there anything in this article I can work into my life by the grace of God?


Someone is Wrong on the Internet
by R.C. Sproul Jr.

It takes two to tango, and that doesn’t even include the band. Our choices, our behaviors, are rarely as discreet as we think they are. Not only do our decisions bleed into our other decisions, they touch on other people’s lives, more often than not. No man is an island; neither is any man a peninsula.

First, consider gossip. If gossip is spoken in the woods and no one hears, does it still make a mess? Guarding our tongues is important. But we need to guard our ears as well. Without an audience, gossip dies on the vine. It isn’t gossip when I know something you don’t. It isn’t gossip when you find out what I knew first. It’s only gossip when I get to be the one telling you. Ego and pride drive the tongue and open the ear.

The same is true of controversy. In the prototypical schoolyard fight, there is typically the victim, the bully, and the cowards. While we rightly cheer for the victim and hiss at the bully, the cowards, too, deserve our opprobrium. They haven’t even the willingness to risk what the bully has, and worse still, they provide the audience he craves.

The Internet has not helped. Cyber-bullies hide behind proxy servers and false names. Victims slowly learn that fighting back only encourages them. And there is no vice principal patrolling the hallways and breaking things up. Then there are the cowards. They create the page views, and some even input their own comments, usually anonymously, yelling, “Fight, fight,” while they sit three rows back. They create the audience that is the real raison d’être of the controversy to begin with.

Internet controversy gives us the liberty to play theological video games. That is, it is vicarious, faux drama, exciting enough to keep us tapping away at our keyboards but not so exciting that we lose sleep. We read an attack site (discernment blog, as they like to call themselves), and find that the kingdom is crumbling because Joel Osteen’s book is being carried in some LifeWay store somewhere, or because a guy in our camp invited a guy in their camp to speak at a conference. We head over to our favorite guru’s blog to get the straight skinny on just what the respectable ones are saying about this issue or that.

In all this reading, all this key-stroking, what we are really stroking is our egos. We think that by keeping up with the controversy we are really fighting the battle. And because of all the Internet play it is getting, we know it is the battle for the ages. We think we are fighting off Suleiman’s Muslim assault on Vienna, preserving Western Christianity, when all we are really doing is playing with toy soldiers. Like those who fought in the Saint Crispin’s Day battle, we can then go to our beds thinking ourselves fine fellows for having been in the fight. We, in short, aim far and miss far.

There are true, important, eternity- in-the-balance controversies going on all around us. There are fights we are called not merely to egg on from the sidelines but to join. The calculus for the importance of any particular battle, in terms of its lasting impact on the great war between the seed of the woman and the seed of the Serpent, is simple enough. First, we need to know how large is the teaching ministry of the principals involved in the battle. We need to know how many unique visits this guy’s website gets. We need to know how many people recognize his name. The higher those numbers, the less important the battle.

The real battles are these: Will I speak graciously to my children today? Will I have a grateful and cheerful heart about my neighbors, my fellow employees, those with whom I worship? Will I go to war against gossip, not by pointing out the gossip of others but by tending my own garden? Whether some evangelical superstar embraces some mystical prayer form is less important to the kingdom’s future than whether I will pray faithfully for that little girl with the brain tumor.

It is true that the world out there matters. There are controversies that count. Martin Luther changed the world, facing bullies like David before Goliath. But when his beloved wife, Katie, trusted in the finished work of Christ alone, that changed eternity.

Not many of us worry about what we will eat or what we will wear. Sadly, that’s not because we’re so spiritual; rather, it is because we are so prosperous. Having been freed from such worries, do we then focus on pursuing the kingdom of God and His righteousness, or do we instead worry about the future of this theological coalition or the direction of that shared blog? Pursue the kingdom by pursuing His righteousness. And then all these things will be added to you. Stop your fretting. The future does not depend on you. It depends on the One on whom you depend.

There is someone wrong on the Internet. It’s probably you. Log off, hug your kids, kiss your wife, and go get some of His rest. The world will not only be there when you get back, it will have been made better.

(From Ligonier Ministries and R.C. Sproul. © Tabletalk magazine. Website: Email: Toll free: 1-800-435-4343)


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