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 The Power Source....

It's early in the morning, and as usual, I was taking advantage of the peace, quiet, and low demand on the computer to do some internet church ministry. I had responded to some messages and discussions and was in the middle of a message that seemed to be really important. I've had this happen enough to know when God is saying something important through my fingers as I yeild them to Him. Right in the middle of the message, the power failed, and I lost the message. Grrrrr. This has happened before in one form or another.

So, I went back to my bed room and picked up this inspiring book I've been reading. After a while, the power was restored. The moment the power came back on, the lamp in my bedroom came on with it. That is how I knew that the power had been restored. Immediately, a message popped into my heart. I'd like to share some of these thoughts with you, if you don't mind.

Did you know that when man first began to build electrical generators, that they were called "dynamos"? If you are familiar with the word in the bible for the power of God, you will instantly recognize the similarities, almost exactness of the two words. The power generated by the generator is a very dynamic power, able to accomplish incredible feats when used correctly in the right equipment. If the power is not used correctly, it can cause serious consequences, even death. If something happens between my home and the power generator that interupts the connection between the two, the power stops flowing, no work is accomplished. The lights don't shine, the computer goes out, the air conditioning stops working....THE AIR CONDITIONING STOPS WORKING?????? Oh my, this is serious. lol

When the power went off, I thought of notifying the power company. Then I thought, nah, someone else will probably call them. Besides, being very familiar with how the power distribution works, they likely knew about it, the moment the power was cut. Sometimes we recognize that the power source is cut in our walk with God. I for one too often take the same frame of mind, "aw, God knows there's a problem", or worse yet, I rely on someone else calling the "power source" in my behalf. Oh my, that is yet another message, isn't it.

What happened to the power? Hmmmm, could have been many different things. Perhaps a peice of equipment failed, and interupted the power. Or maybe a limb fell on one of the lines short circuiting the power. When this happens, a device in a panel somewhere opens the circuit automatically in order to minimize the effect of the short circuit and to keep the generator from being damaged and so on. Now I know you must be curious as to why I have gone on with this. It's not the first time that I have pondered this applicaiton. But lets put some spiritual application to this principle.

God generates the power we need to be victorious over sin and death, and to live a life that gives off light. It comes through the victory of Calvary, hand delivered by the Holy Spirit. When the Holy Spirit moves in at the new birth, we begin to give off light. We now have the ability to do things that we were not able to do before. An electric motor is a wonderful gadget. But if it has no power applied, it can do nothing. We are the same way. We are wonderfully made, but apart from Him we can do nothing. Yet in Him we can do all things. What is the requirement? That we stay connected. What interupts the circuit? What keeps the power from flowing from God to us? Sin of course.

Sin comes in an almost inifinite variety. It all quenches the Holy Spirit, interupts the power source. When that happens, our light goes out. Oh we are still a lamp, but there is no light. We cannot give off light, unless we are connected to the power source. We can paint ourselves a very bright white paint and perhaps reflect the light of someone else. But we are not giving off light, merely reflect it.

When we sin, it's like turning off the light switch. We interupt the power of God. The power is available, maybe even as close as the light switch on my wall, but if I do not close the switch and connect the lamp to the power source, it will not give off light. I can pray, fast, go to church, sing, do any variety of activities, but none will light the lamp. I have to reestablish the connection again. I have to take action. I have to get up and go close the switch.

It's not any different in the spiritual application. When the power is not there, I have to repent. I have to repair the connection between myself and God. I have to take care of the sin problem. When I repent, I reconnect my lamp to the power source of heaven, dunamous power. Once again, I begin to give off that heavenly light.

Now sin may be subtle. But even the smallest sin will disturb the connection. Some times lights will dim, not real bright, just barely lighted. Somewhere between the lamp and the power source there is some resistance to the flow of current. Perhaps a bad connection. Unless someone identifies the location of the resistance, and remedies it, the lamp will not burn as brightly as it was designed to do. It's the same with pride and all sin, really. Maybe we are not totally disconnected from the power source....yet....but there is much resistance between us an the source. The works of man corrupts and contaminates the Word of the Spirit of God. These works of ours build up resistance between us and God. Until we wash these resistances with the Word of God and the blood of Jesus, our light will not shine as brightly as it was designed to do.

Well, I could go on and on about this. I know I've probably bored you. But beloved, you can look like a lamp, be in perfect working order and yet not give off light. You must be connected to the power source to give off light.

So, how's your connection this morning? Is it in tact? Or is there some resistance? Is the connection open all together, and you're just sitting there in darkness.....self will, obstinate refusal to take God at His Word? You know what? You can argue all you want about the laws of electricity, but you will not change the laws. They are fixed in place. If you don't follow those laws, you will not get any power. In fact, you could cause great damage to the electrical system. Even worse, you could end up dead. The power company is not responsible for how you use the power in your own home. If you choose to do some unwise thing and your house catches on fire, or worse you grab a naked wire and die from the shock, it was your poor decision, not the power company's that produced less than satisfactory results. The power is intended to flow from the generator and through the device and back to the source again. God's power is the same way. When we reach out and touch the world while connected to God's power, we are in danger of divine shock, even death. God's power is desiged to flow through us. In that process we give off light to our surroundings. But if we reach out and touch those surroundings, oh my, what a flash of distruction occurs. Our light goes out. Our ministry is damaged. We need some Holy Spirit repairs. Amen?

The power is there, beloved. We have to be connected. We also have to obey the laws of it's use, or we may end up in catastophe. Our connection to the power of God is the shed blood of the Savior, Yeshua. You can devise all kinds of ways to get to God, just like you can make power transmission lines out of organic rope. Organic rope does not conduct electricity. Your own plans do not conduct the power of God. You have to do it God's way, to get God's power. I can brag on my electrical system all I want. I can talk about my 3 tv's, my stereo, my microwave oven. But none of them will accomplish anything, unless they are connected to the power. I can pray for them, I can carry them around. But nothing happens, unless they are connected to the power source. They are usless in themselves.

Ok, ok, I'll stop. But let the searcher of your heart have His way in your life today. If there is anything between you and the power source? Let God help you reestablish the connection. If you don't know how to use the laws of God so that your lamp will burn brightly, He's given us a users manual. It's called the bible. Have a bright day, in Him.

 2005/2/5 9:56

 thats a good Word

didnt bore me at all! Thats neat how that happened it, aint it?

when I saw "power line" or power source, it made me think of my favorite Chick tract, I'll put the URL for it, in it, this kid gets converted, and the demons are trying to mess with him:[url=]A Demon's Nightmare[/url]

I love this tract, it makes me laugh, it brings joy to my heart, i love handing it out, etc etc.....but the line in it, that reminded me of what you wrote is when the devil is yelling at his two underlings, about how the kid "hit the main power line" during a prayer meeting, which I always took to be a baptism in the Holy Spirit!!

enjoy the tract and thanks for the good Word, may He the Father of us all, gird you and fill you and prepare you to deliver that message with unction and power from on High, and may any unsaved sinner in the house be filled with the conviction of Christ Jesus, and ask to recieve the Living Water of Messiah. amen.

 2005/2/5 13:34

 Re: thats a good Word

Praise the Lord. You are very kind. Please thank the Lord, I just operated the keys. God bless you too as I send to you a brotherly christian cyber hug. I'm so glad you were blessed.

 2005/2/5 17:19

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