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 Brother Greg

i think it might be time for me to take another PROLONGED hiatus from this forum, pray on it, will you?

in the mean, God bless you, your dear wife, and that beautiful soon to be here, heavenly bundle of joy, neil

 2012/4/23 12:01

 Re: Brother Greg

I don't post a lot, but I was wondering the same thing for myself. Sometimes Feel led to share some things for the sake of the greater Body nation/world wide. But, at a point, I think, could I not have used that same energy, time, etc. to be a blessing to the local fellowship of believers I am a part of, and to invest more time in the Lord's Word/presence? Seems like forum posting/disputes/disagreements/etc among men/women who don't REALLY KNOW one another (as a true Body) don't USUALLY end in tremendous lasting fruit. I don't know what hidden unconfessed sins other brothers here are actually struggling with as they argue in their flesh. They don't know my testimony, my gifts/calling, nor my struggles the Lord has helped me overcome, nor the struggles I still battle against within my members and where I am in that. So, often, this just delineates into something fleshly (& sometimes just misunderstood) when it may have started in the Spirit. I also will pray about whether or not I should withdraw from these forums. The Lord knows the answer. I just need the mind of Christ on the matter. Blessings and peace - Jeff

 2012/4/23 12:16

Joined: 2006/1/31
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I am glad whenever people seek God no matter what it is about. If you are led to go away for ever or for a season God mightily bless you or whomever choses and feels that leading upon their life.

SI forums or any other forum or "digital" environment can never be a substitution for the real body. The more online and "social" we are on the net it seems the more isolated from the body we become.

So i just want to encourage all that SI is a great addition to the Christian walk, for sermons, discussion that are up building etc, my own testimony is i have been provoked to follow hard after God with the help of the content from this forum, i have received encouragement and upbulding, but most precious to me on a personal level are the lessons Ive learned about myself, God showed me to see i was quick to become irritated,had a need to be "right" when discussing things, showed me areas of pride etc.

So as with everything forum has its place, for some it does not, but all things can be used for God or evil.

Even a "good" thing can become an evil in our lives between us and the Lord even tho by the majority is lifted up as "good".

i am among the first to recommend these messages and sermons etc to others seeking a word... but even sermons can become to much certain seasons.

In short i just wanted to remind us that this forum can never substitute the real body. In our age and time with the mobility and devices and instant connection anywhere we need to more embrace true genuine fellowship.


 2012/4/23 12:28Profile

 Re: brother Jeff

do you know why i just wrote my dear beloved Greg that?

not BECAUSE of anyone in particular, but because of what i started to think and feel, and here it is, and i wish to offend NO ONE, but i must be authentic, transparent and real.

i am a Jew who follow Jesus,Messiah, and have since 2002, and i must say, that some Gentile followers of Jesus Messiah, just give me the 'willies'.

the 'willies', i dont know how to put it any other way, and i wont even GO into 1700 years of hell on earth SOME of the Gentiles have put the tribe of my flesh thru, and wonder WHY its so hard to "evangelize" Jews.

believe me when i say to you, within the ranks of rabbinical Judaism, its no Yahwistic treat either, we are all fallen and prone to hard brittle religiousity, which is why a yeshiva can be hellish as well.

but when i start to think like that about my fellow brother or sister IN Messiah, its time to go to the time out chair, much love to you in Jesus, i'd love to you hang with you someday, your brother, neil

 2012/4/23 12:32

 well spoke my dear brother Christian the way, i just adored that photo on FB of you and your son sleeping together....that made my heart leap, be blessed, son of the north, neil

 2012/4/23 12:33


I am sorry, I do not know the history here, but
God bless y and keep you, may He wrap His loving arms around you and comfort you. May His presence overshadow all that yu do.

 2012/4/23 12:39


This is for you Neil.

Miss ya,

 2012/4/23 12:48

Joined: 2006/1/31
Posts: 4991


Hello brother Neil, i share your burden for your fellow native brethren and also the much theology that causes much misunderstanding in Gods promises and plan for eternity with his people. As you say it is no easy thing evangelizing the Jews. I do pray they will "hear" and spiritually soon shout out from their hearts the true meaning of "Sh'ma Yis'ra'eil Adonai Eloheinu Adonai echad".

I love you Neil and hope to see you this side of eternity and fellowship.

In Him christian


 2012/4/23 12:52Profile


i dont know WHO you are, taking my old moniker, and using it for accusation, but i know this, you are a child of devil, having laid in wait since 9/30/2011.

its okay bud, you'll find out, hell is a million degrees hot.

 2012/4/23 12:54

 Re: "natan4jesus"

You give me the "willies".

take a timeout, bro.

 2012/4/23 12:57

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