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 Spurgeon on PRAYER and REVIVAL

From Spurgeon's sermon "THE DAWN OF REVIVAL" -

I would have you school yourselves till you obtain a horror of the sinner’s sin—surely not so strange a task if you remember your own former estate and present tendencies! How fiery was that oven through which your spirit passed when the hand of God was heavy upon you both by day and night? I want you, my Brothers and Sisters in the Lord Jesus, to get a clear view of the wrath of God which threatens your own children, your own friends, your fellow seat-holders, your neighbors, your kinsfolk—unless they are saved.
If you could get into your heart as well as into your creed the sincere belief that, “the wicked shall be turned into Hell with all the nations that forget God.” If you could remember that even those who hear the Gospel have no way of escape if they remain impenitent, and that if they reject Christ there remains nothing for them but “a fearful looking for of judgment and of fiery indignation.” If your soul could be made to melt for heaviness because of the woes of lost spirits, and because so many of your fellow men will, within a little while, be lost—lost as these others are, past all recall, beyond all hope, or all dream of alleviation—surely you would become awfully earnest about souls!
We would hear praying of a mighty sort if Believers sympathized with men in their ruin! Then groans and tears would not be so scarce! Then the soul, pouring out itself in groans which cannot be uttered, would be but an ordinary thing! Then shall we prevail with God through the precious blood of Jesus when we feel intensely the sinner’s need! If there are some here who really feel the terrors of the world to come and are bound under those terrors, and moved to wait and wrestle at the Mercy Seat till souls are rescued from their sins, there is no fear but what at the very commencement of our supplication the commandment to bless us will go forth!

From the book "40 Spurgeon Sermons on Prayer"

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