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 Bannished from a College Campus for Preaching


I went out today and preached open-air on Tyler Junior College. It was great. I preached right outside of the Student Center where I once talked to a guy who got saved. I almost didn't talk to him because he looked like a hardcore thug but when I spoke to him he broke down in tears and in heavy conviction he got saved. He then said "You guys need to go all over campus and tell everyone this".

So right outside there I preached and a great crowd drew and then started asking good questions but then the cops came and threatened to arrest me. They admitted it was public property but still insisted that I was trespassing. I didn't think you could trespass on public property!!

I've already contacted my lawyer who is going to handle it. Others may disagree that we must not legaly fight for our rights, but as long as I am American I am going to fight for the rights my forefathers died for.

I got the whole thing on video and hope to make it available online soon.

This is what Jeff had to say:

We've been banished from TJC. BANISHED! BAAAANIIIISHED! OK, I'm being silly...but please, read on.

Jesse and I went to TJC to do some ministry today. I got to film as Jesse preached to a good sized crowd of students.

One guy, with a flair for the dramatic, started spouting off some mix of random verses he had picked up, talking about pharisees and judgment and tombs. Quite the actor. Then, he let out a sizeable belch. Quite the gentlemen as well, I suppose.

Soon, the TJC police came. To make a ridiculous story short, we were both issued warnings and told never to come back.

UT (University of Texas) was pretty vacant, except for some art students.


God will make a way.
I think there is a coming balance in street ministry. Between the abrasive and the passive. Where men and women will lift up their voices like trumpets and spare not - and you will be able to SEE and HEAR the love, the compassion, the desperation to snatch souls from the flames.

A balance HAS to be achieved between haughty and shy. It HAS to be acheived. Where you'll be able to see the concern and the hours of prayer etched on their faces.

 2005/2/4 19:09

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 Re: Bannished from a College Campus for Preaching

I got the whole thing on video and hope to make it available online soon.

WOW that sounds pretty intense brother! I am looking forward to watching the video. There is a group of bible students that are going out to a mall in murietta, CA to witness and setup a table. They arent open air preaching but rather using tracts. I told one brother that I know a few people that open air preach on a soapbox and he was stoked. People want to do stuff like this they just need to be shown by example. Good stuff Jesse.

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Yea I find that people have a desire to do ministry like this, but they just don't know how and they aren't sure if anyone else is doing it. Thats why I am putting together a nice video documentary called "Cries from the wilderness" that will have both clips of street preaching as well as instructions on how to do it. A friend of mine is professionally doing it for me. I can't wait for it to come out.

 2005/2/4 19:32

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