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 When Theory Becomes Reality

The events of the day have impressed upon me a truth that I have always known, but that only experience walking with the Lord can make reality.

So often our walk with God in any area of our life stays in the realm of intellectual theory. We are sure of what we believe, sure of our doctrine, sure of our scriptures, and we can defend them to the death. But God does not desire for us to know and walk with Him in the realm of the mind and intellect. He desires that the truth of His word become revelation in our heart. And often the only way that happens is when we must decide whether the word of God is true or not and then stand on it no matter what the enemy throws at us. So often I have seen those who ascent a truth mentally, but when the chips are down turn their back on that truth. I have had times in my life when I looked toward heaven and complained to God, "I thought You said..." But God quickly reminded me of His faithfulness and I had to repent for my lack of faith.

Today I faced a battle that has been ongoing, and experienced the strength and peace of God in the midst of it. God has been dealing with me about what it means to walk in the spirit rather than in the flesh. I just finished teaching an eight week series on Romans. But with the revelation has come the enemy trying to steal the word away from me through circumstances that have severely tested my ability to walk in the truth that I thought I knew. But that truth is now beginning to work its way from the head to the heart, and God is so good and so faithful.

I am sharing this because I want to encourage brothers and sisters to do two things. First, in all of our discussions about doctrine, we should seek to have God reveal His word to us more than we seek to reveal our ideas about His word to each other. Second, if you are in a battle, don't give up. Renew your mind with the word of God daily, hourly, every minute if necessary and stand. Allow the truth of the word of God to live through you. The result is a faith that is increasingly unshakable and a growth in maturity that God desires.

Blessings all.


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