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 Praying for revival

Have a theory. Those of us who have been praying for revival may not be ahead of the game, we may be a bit behind.
Here is what I mean. Revival is a visitation of the presence of God with power to convict and transform, a real turning of a group, small or large, to newest and consecration.
I am beginning to believe that those who He prompts to pray for revival are the "hard cases". He has called us out early to prepare our rocky and thorny soil. If He didn't call us out because we were more in tune, or anything of that kind. He called us out because we needed more preparation than most. If He had not done this, we may miss the move of God when it comes.
Revival is a sovereign, God initiated event. He also inspire us to seek this. Revival will tarry until it is His timing, and He has humbled us to know,that we were the ones that needed it the most.

 2012/4/15 13:27

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 Re: Praying for revival

Amen Brother. I think you have something here.

 2012/4/15 16:20Profile


Listen to the message by Keith Daniel on The Word of God. In this message he shares how D. L.. Moody cried out for more faith because Moody was not seeing his prayers answered, mainly for the salvation of souls. God took him to Romans 10:17. Moody read faith cometh by hearing, hearing by the word of God. From that time on Moody read the Bible for hours on end. His prayers became mire powerful and God used him to bring revival to Chicago and Scotland.

If God could work through Moody with less than a 6th grade education but powerful through the word. What could he do through us. I believe that ones faith and power in Christ grows in proportion to the amount of time one spends in prayer and the word.

Personally I am challenged to spend four or more hours listening to the word. Honestly I want mire faith and power in my prayers. I am tired of reading about the glories of revival. Now I want to be an instrument of revival.

Dear Jesus. Give me power through your word.

Bearmaster for more of Jesus. Fill me with your word oh God.

 2012/4/15 17:44

 Re: Praying for revival

Thanks for the input. I will take the guidance to immerse in His word. I do believe that Revival has begun in measure, He is changing me. He is able.


 2012/4/15 21:46

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