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 Traveling to Heaven by Faith

Traveling to Heaven by Faith

”And when he was entered into a ship, his disciples followed him.And, behold, there arose a great tempest in the sea, insomuch that the ship was covered with the waves: but he was asleep.And his disciples came to [him], and awoke him, saying, Lord, save us: we perish.And he saith unto them, Why are ye fearful, O ye of little faith? Then he arose, and rebuked the winds and the sea; and there was a great calm.” (Matthew 8v24-26)

The distance between Heaven where Christ is seated above, and the earth is immeasurable or infinite. Let men travel trillions of years with a speed faster than the speed of Light, yet they will never reach even a tiny land of the first heaven. Faith is the divine vehicle which will instantaneously take us, where Christ is seated in the heavens far above all principalities and powers when being exercise. Faith is faster than one trillionth of a second. Faith is the fastest traveling machine.

In the scriptures quoted above, Christ blamed their Level of Faith as the cause of their failure not because of the wind or his seemingly indifference or silence. One of the causes of their failure was calling the Lord in fear and not in confidence or faith. We can either call on the Lord in fear or call on Him by faith. When we called on Him by fear, we are never sure if He will see us through our trials but when we call unto Him by Faith we are very confidence that He will brings us out of the trial, temptation or afflictions.

The disciples called on the Lord by fear, not only because of the wind but because the Lord was sleeping while the wind was blowing. He was disconnected from them from Earth through His sleep; but they didn’t know then how to connect with Him, or travel to heaven through faith to bring His attention. So they shout in fear to wake him up naturally, having known no other way to bring His attention but earthly means. The Lord told them they have a little faith because He knew a day was coming when He will be disconnected from the Earth and it will take another Kind of Faith to travel and meet Him in heaven to get His attention; for the heavenly power to be manifested on earth in their trials, afflictions and temptations.

Since the ascension up to date the Lord is no more on Earth but Heaven. Without the vehicle of Faith that comes by revelation in the heart no body can meet Him where He is to received strength, divine aid and guidance. The vehicles of natural strength, knowledge even of scriptures, will only results in frustration. The person that is grounded or rooted in the Word is not the one that knows the scriptures and right doctrines but the one that Have Faith to travel to Heaven and bring the Christ in Heaven to dwell and Reign in His heart. “That Christ may DWELL in your hearts by FAITH; that ye, being ROOTED and GROUNDED in love,” (Ephesians 3v17)

Sharing and experienced I encounter during my early days in Christ, it was our customs in those days to share with friends, neighbors, etc our new Faith. Then there was a girl who almost became my girl friend before I came to Christ; it was not possible because it was during the same period I came to Christ. When I came to Christ, I confess to her about the wickedness of those evil taught and about my new found faith in Christ. Then one day, I tried to call her on phone so that she will know I am very serious about my new found faith in Christ. It was a very horrible experienced because after the call, I found those evil taught that I had for her coming back with great power. I was so confuse frustrated being overcome by lustful taught and passion. I then enter my room in my desperation, and cried fervently in prayers for the Lord to deliver me. Suddenly while I was praying I saw myself up in the sky in the heavens. As I was going in the heavens I saw some girls trying to pull me down somewhere else in the ocean, yet the power that elevates me was far stronger for them and I was so far in the heavens that they could not touch me. Then immediately after this experience I saw myself back on the room and to my amazement the lust immediately Vanish. It was one of the greatest joy I experienced but not only that this experienced was later confirm in the scripture, which is about the power that raise us UP to seat in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. 6” And hath RAISED us UP together, and made [us] sit together in HEAVENLY places in Christ Jesus:” (Ephes.2v6).

The Lord allowed me to have a visible knowledge of How the power that raise those in Christ through Faith work, but even though we might not all experienced it like this yet if we are walking in the Faith of Christ, this is how it works in all of us even when the How is not revealed to us, like in the experience I shared above.

A surrendered and a prayerful heart will activate the vehicle of faith. An anxious, doubtful, prayerless heart will make the Faith inactive. The parable of the sower reveals better How though the word through a measure faith might be planted in the heart can be choke because the man refused to surrender instead constantly lives in worries and cares about what is going around Him. Faith in the heart will bring Heaven in the Heart and He that Have it will not be worry or be anxious with what does not worry Him that rules in Heaven. Amen.


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